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Saturday, April 03, 2004                                                                                       View Comments

Why can't we Think?

Due to problems with the server, this is the only way I could get a comment in. First, let me say that I am and as far as I can tell always will be a follower of Jesus. I dislike the lable "Christian" because of the stigmas most people in my culture attach to it. In addition to being a Jesus-follower, I am also an adherant of the Gothic subculture, a subculture that does not smile on blind faith.

I just wanted to thank the webmaster for his stunning commentary on the lack of intellectual life in the Christian community. Only among Goths, thier sympathizers, a few select Bible college professors have I found total acceptance for my somewhat unorthodox approach and my insistance on good, logical reasons to back beliefs. I may disagree with your conclusions, Dave, but I totally understand the thought process that led you to them. You and your work have as much if my full support as I can give without denying the things I myself believe.

-Melanie Fellion, 24, Student.