Hey Preacher, Leave those kids alone!

Joel Atkinson

I have a right to write this.

You see, I am an insider...an eye-witness. Critics will say that this is an attack and they will be found correct. For that is precisely what it is. However, it is also a defense. It is indeed both of these things, and, frankly speaking, I do not see a way that the two can be separate, at least not in this instance. Any attack is in truth the most aggressive defense of something very important to you. So let the critics try and try to separate the two. In these writings, at least, the two will be one and the same. An attack on the so-called Church of Christ and a defense of the so-called Lost in the world, for whom the Church of Christ constantly seeks their conversion or destruction, whichever comes first.

Let them lie and say they do not seek this. If this is truly what they are saying, then they disavow the very sacred and most perfect book they claim to obey. For throughout that book, the writers instill in the readers a duty, nay, a need to convert everyone and anyone to their way. Furthermore, throughout their book one can constantly find the theme of destruction of all who oppose them and their god, or is it gods, they can't ever seem to agree on that one, can they? So, you see, any christian in this world who even half-ass follows the book is either wishing for your conversion or your death and eternal roasting in the bowels of the great hellacious barbecue pit, manned by Chef Lucifer himself, that wicked little devil who taught us how to read. How to...disobey. For that would be a terrible thing for a people to do, wouldn't it, governments of the world?

Large corporations and church-armies? To...disobey. To...revolt. To...rise up and take the life that is ours by right. Of birth. Of breath. Of fire and wind and all that is truly sacred in this real world, the only world we have, not the fucking heavenly one. This world, dammit. Face it or leave it, but do one or the other and cease your efforts to make miserable all of those who choose to be a man or a woman and stand up to it, facing its horror and beauty alike. Let's be honest here, we'd go for a rapturish abduction of you guys. Sure. We want you gone, anyway. We're sick and tired of your damnable lie and your filthy, slutty book.

Jesus talked about living and all you can do is focus on his death. It is a disgrace to his name the way you wear it on your fucking t-shirts and dare to tell the hurting and the lame that that exact same name loves them. Why should they care if he loves them? He's dead. Your kind killed him, not the jews or the romans, but narrow-minded bigots full of hatred. The question is, do you love them? You see, you're actually living. Breathing. You know, the usual things we equate with life. So, do YOU love them, with or without a god to hide behind? If Jesus walked this earth today I believe the church as a whole would kill him quick as they would Osama Bin Laden himself. You're all full of shit and we all know it so get over it and move on.

If you love the man so much then do what the fucking hell he said do and don't judge, don't fear, love your neighbor, actually become like a child again instead of praying a stupid-ass little prayer and then pretending like something great and wonderful happened. Santa Claus doesn't bring presents to little poor kids so grow up. You want to do something then fucking do it, whether it be feed the hungry without feeding them your selfrighteous vomit or getting it over with and waging actual war on all unbelievers, not just the muslims. What a stupid, stupid part of our populace. We've got a freakin religious fanatic in control of our country and you step out on the limb and predict a coming apocalypse. Fucking duh! Have you ever heard of the idea of enacting the stories you read? Especially when you believe those stories are absolute divine truth.

Hello! Is any of this sinking in? You guys are the ones who are going to bring about the apocalypse, because you believe in that story so much it is inevitable that you will make it happen, at least the world getting blown all to shit part. I'm afraid that the heaven and hell part and all of that bullshit just are not gonna happen, as you'll soon see immediately following your precious apocalypse. When the earth dies because everybody's tossing nuclear bombs around like so many baseballs, we'll all soon see that if we ever had a soul, then it was surely somehow connected to the earth and the universe around us, within us.

But we always separated ourselves from it, and you guys have always been so fast to assassinate the character of anyone who dares love a tree or see god in the butterfly as well as the cross. Did you even read the gospels, people? You know it was the most religious people who killed your king? The most unbending, unflexible people. They're the ones who crucified your godforsaken savior. If you remember the stories, the Lost ones were his friends. And my case is closed, Mr. McDowell.

My Evidence that demands a verdict is his church and their horrible, hateful, evil book. And people like you.

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