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I must say that you are the most unintelligent fool I have ever come across. Your ignorance is amazing. There's not a single contradiction in the entire Bible. To save time, and make my point, we'll deal with your "major" contradiction theory. You claim that 1 John 1:8 vs. 1 John 3:6-9 is contradictory. I suggest that you go back to kindergarten and receive a graduation diploma on reading because you obviously learned nothing your first time around. Let me explain this for you, seeing as how unimaginably slow you are in the head.

1 John 1:8 is self explanitory. If we tell ourselves that we do not sin, or have never sinned, or aren't a sinner, we decieve ourselves. Therefore, the truth of the matter is not in us. You understand this, yes?

1 John 3:6-9 is just as self explanitory. At least for those of us with intelligence. More specifically, you're trying to say that 3:6 is the contradiction because it's the only verse of the four that has anything "similar" to 1:8. Let me explain this VERY slowly for you. This verse does NOT say that when we are in Christ we never sin. Far from it. Even while living in Christ we are still tempted by sin. However, God floods us with His grace at those times so that we can resist the temptations. We can either choose to accept His grace and back away from the temptation of sin, or we can give in to it. If we abide, or remain, in Christ, he strengthens us so that we can resist the temptations of sin thereby not sinning.
"Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not:" All past sin is forgiven to those who have repented and asked for forgiveness. After that point, if you remain in Christ, when you are tempted by sin and take advantage of His grace to resist that temptation - YOU DO NOT SIN. Get the picture? If you get the urge to kill somebody, you have two choices. You can kill him, which causes you to sin. Or you can resist the urge, which causes you NOT to sin.

I'll be happy to disspell any other "contradictions" you "think" you have. For instance, Noah's ark. In one spot is says two of every animal while in another is says seven. Well, if you're intelligent enough and know how to read and can understand what you read, God tells Noah to take two (2) of every animal BUT to take seven (7) of the CLEAN animals. Understand? Good boy/girl/it! :o)

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