Obviously you were never truly saved...

Obviously you were never truly saved, which means that you were never truly
a Christian. Why? Because you think that GOD is the reason for everything.
When you met people that didn't believe in God or believed some other crap,
you thought it was GOD blinding their sight so they couldn't see clearly.
I'm sorry, but GOD does no such thing. SIN blinds us from seeing clearly.
SIN is darkness, like a fog, that we cannot see the light through. GOD did
not create nor allow SIN. MAN allowed SIN by first doubting and then
denying. GOD cannot look at SIN, which is why CHRIST had to die on the
cross. His blood covers our SIN and makes us white as snow. Hence the reason
why we're all doomed for HELL if we do not repent and accept Jesus as our
blood sacrifice. We deserve HELL because GOD cannot stand SIN nor to be near
it. Suffering is also not in conjunction with GOD. Suffering is in
conjunction with SIN. SIN created suffering. If there were no SIN, there
wouldn't be any suffering.

It's all very simple, easy to comprehend, common knowledge. You weren't
praying to an "invisible man," you were praying to GOD. Regardless of what
religion you believe, there is no denying that we were created by a higher.
We did not come from a speck of dirt that exploded. A dirt speck smaller
than a period CANNOT result in what you see before you. Use your head and
THINK! Tiny dot. Mass galaxy. Hmm...

And so, being that a higher being created us, there would have to be some
way of communicating with him. Prayer is that communication. Whether you do
it on your knees or as if you're talking to yourself, knowing that a higher
being had to create all this, you know you are talking to him. He may not
answer back in your tongue, but reassuredly he does answer you.


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