Dear ‘Ex-Christians’

This site is amazing. It is evil, but it is amazing. It is strange to see that so many Christians can just leave the truth. Yes the truth.

Anyway, Let me first tell you a bit about myself. I am a devoted Christian who already been and gone through many of your stages. For 2 ½ years I asked questions, like “why is there evil?” and the like-like. Fortunately for me, God opened my eyes to let me see the truth. He did this in a very strange way. I was walking home one day and I said to myself “I know I’m a sinner, and I believe you’re kinda real, then the next minute I was asking for forgiveness and I became a Christian. So you’re going to ask “How did you know God was now in you?” Well it’s really an easy answer. I felt this power, a strange feeling through me. So when I got home I looked and read the bible and I found a passage that basically said “When the Holy spirit enters you , you’ll be granted not only life but gift to serve God. How I thank him.

So being a devoted Christian I can tell you some problems with the bible and Christianity. The first one is that when God spoke -to Moses in particular (he is the main writer of the OT), Moses may have changed the verses to make them sound better. I’m sure that Moses would have first pondered on them. There is also the translation error. There are many Greek words that are similar and some words have the same meanings. This can confuse how the bible is translated. The last and main problem is us. We have our own independent opinions on what the bible says. Look around! There are Baptist, Anglican, Grace, Protestant. etc. All these churches when looking at the bible can translate differently, some symbolically and others literally.

So I personally do not believe it is you who does not believe, yeah sure you are the judge of what you believe, but I believe it is your church. They have confused you and that is why you ask many questions . You are so confused that you are following Satan. I mean, look at this site! A Wiseman once said to me, “Whatever God does, Satan will try to do also”. Is this site not a perfect example?! Look, you have testimonies, evangelisms to your belief, praying for each other (to whom I ask?) and you have some person claiming to be God (Is that not a contradiction to your new belief). You are so caught up in your own human limitations -to ask questions, that you sit here worshiping the devil!

As you can see there is much to talk about on this topic. I could add so much more if I wished. But let me say this, You people who are out there still deciding to ‘leave’ Christianity, why don’t you read the bible, not the OT but the New. You may find the answers you’re looking for. A true Christian would not just give up on what they believe, they would search and find the answers to questions. Then they would rejoice because they found those answers. A true Christian would not be temped by false truths (aka lies) they would search and find the answers to the falseness. A true Christian above all will remain true to God, even in the bad times. I ask to those ‘Ex-Christians’ were you even Christians to begin with, or were you just plain Atheists.

To the person who can speak tongues. I honestly questioned that, I thought “Wow! Not one person in our church speaks tongues -that I know” You have a gift. You also have the choice wether or not you use that gift. I almost envy you, I would love to speak tongues. Fortunately God gave me another gift: Wisdom. Paul stated “do not boast about your strengths but your weaknesses.” Now wisdom is a weakness, people don’t like wise or smart people, but that does not matter. You see I can already tell some of you have questions ready to ask me, and I pray that God will give me the answers.

Devoted Christian

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