good vibrations in Christ

Hello Dave,

As you know, I absurdly recommitted my life to Jesus Christ a while back, and I am still gloriously serving Him even though my site denies Him and debunks my religious bullshit. I planned it that way to confuse people for Jesus!

Your website deeply pains me. I have read a lot of what you have posted, and while truth and facts are important, why pay attention to them? Why must you publicly hate God so much? He murdered Himself for you! Does that mean nothing to you?

I am going to tell you THE TRUTH Dave, and I am praying fervently that the Holy Spirit will quicken the reality of it to your inner spook, I mean spirit.

Don't you know that God loves you? The Bible says God created the universe by speaking a powerful magical spell from Nowhere. The Bible also says that an invisible man named Jesus lives in the sky, and that he blasted off to Heaven from two different locations miles apart at different times after he gloriously defeated the Talking Snake and Death by letting the version of Him in heaven murder him on a big giant stick. Then the version of him in Heaven magically undeadened Jesus and he floated up to heaven, as I said previously.

Now, what is so unbelievable about all of that? It should be crystal clear that the Bible is TRUE!

It just doesn't matter what you think, say, do, or believe. If you don't know JESUS, you are evil and depraved, and just making silly excuses to deny God in your evilness! You are LOST, and you need to stop listening to the lies of a talking animal and realize your need for Christ!

Give your life and your brain to JESUS today, Dave! I am trusting God that you will make the RIGHT choice! Oooohhh, thank you in advance, Jesus!! Glory!

I love you, and Jesus does too! Jesus loves you very much, but if you don't love Him, he will roast you and torture you forever in HELL! He is so wonderful!

Yours sincerely with good vibrations in Christ,


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