I have heard throughout my life about the “soul” of man. This disembodied entity animated by the “spirit”. (Both of which, in their roots mean “breath”,) The soul, of course, connects us to an existence outside of the body. In other words, a transcedent existence from the natural.

Well, as I now see it--that is a belief based on faith. And faith comes in two forms: 1) Reasonable faith, 2) Blind faith.

Reasonable faith says “this chair will hold you up” or “this train is going to Chattanooga”. You don’t KNOW that it is, but all the evidence around you points to the logical answer. We use reason and thus our belief is rational.

Blind faith says “there’s a ghost in here” or “you’re soul will burn in Hell”. You can’t prove there’s not a Hell or a ghost, but the reality of it is contrary to the sum of evidence for such a belief.

These believers in blind faith say such things as you can’t prove there is no afterlife or no God. To which they are being unreasonable--you can’t prove there isn’t a Santa Claus either or a Tooth Fairy or a spirit troll named Larry dancing inside your pancreas either. These are Universal Negatives. Of course I can’t prove there are no ghosts, but I can use my reason to look at the evidence for and against such phenomena.

Does the spirit realm, the soul, the afterlife...etc...etc.. exist? I do not know either way, but I am pretty convinced that based on the evidence (or lack thereof) that these things are mere inventions, myths, wishful thinking, and superstitions of primal man which have carried over due to fear, ignorance of science, and intimidation from religious zealots.

However, this day and time, most of the belief in these things stem from desire to believe in something better than this world, governing by one’s emotions rather than reason, and brainwashing (in some cases) by psychological manipulators.

No, I do not know, but I have based on the arguments for and against and the lack of credible evidence, my reasonable “faith” says -- “It’s all bunk.”

T.L. Goble

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