Coming out as an Atheist

by Confused Kate

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I will try to keep it short and simple.

I am a faux-baptist and my fiancee is a faux-catholic. We are both atheists and want to get married soon. My family wants him to be baptized. His family is not as demanding (yet). I've been thinking of coming out instead of doing this whole circus act. I'm not financially stable enough to move in with my fiancee, but when I am, I think I'll move in with him, come out, and live my own life, and get married whenever.

I want this more than anything, but I'm scared. My family is physically abusive, and while they are against physical abuse, they feel justified in my case. (Weird, I know.)

How do you come out with the least about of battle scars? Do you just leave and never even officially come out? I think I would prefer the latter.

I have no need to yell my beliefs from rooftops. I just want to live a peaceful life where I can make decisions for myself.

Please help.

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