Humanist Charities Sends Food and Supplies to Haiti

Dear Friend,

Thank you to everyone who answered our call for donations to support the American Humanist Association's Humanist Charities project and Sebastian Velez's efforts in Haiti to bring food, water, and supplies to the people of Jacmel, a city also devastated by the earthquake but received little media attention.

Thanks to the generosity of our members, Sebastian's team of volunteers and Dominican Republic NGOs were able to work through the night to pack food, water, medical supplies, and rescue tools to send to Haiti. Yesterday, the supplies were put on a Dominican Navy boat and arrived in Jacmel. Humanist Charities' shipment of supplies was the first to arrive. Medical supplies and rescue tools were put to use immediately, and food and water were distributed successfully.

Read the letter from Sebastian and a news article in El Nuevo Diario, a Dominican Republic newspaper, that highlights the AHA's efforts.

The photos to the right show just how your donation made an immediate impact. You can see more photos on our Flickr page

Your donations were immediately put to use to buy food, medicine, water and other supplies to Haitians who desperately needed our help. Thank you.

All of this would not have been possible without the generosity and quick response of AHA members like you. Over $32,000 has been raised so far, and we want to keep sending our support. Together, as humanists, we are making a difference. Donate today.



Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director

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P.S. Humanist Charities will continue to send donations from the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund to aid in more shipments to Haiti. Your tax-deductable donation right now will make an immediate impact. Please give generously.


All contributions through Humanist Charities of the American Humanist Association are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Five percent (5%) of your contribution will be reserved for administrative and management purposes.


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