Greiving my death

A letter from Gee Will

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Last weekend my wife and I sent out e-mails to notify our family members that we aren't going back to church and are actually not christians any more.

All four parents and four siblings and each of their spouses are all committed evangelical christians - one brother is a pastor. None of them live anywhere close to us. We had talked directly to my wife's parents, and they took it very well - they are actually almost supportive. I talked with my younger sister on the phone when she called to talk about the elephant in the room.

So, we got calm but questioning responses from my wife's brother and sister, with reassurance that a change in beliefs wouldn't change their love for us.

But, I just got a response from my Mom, and as I expected, she is pretty much grieving my death. Though I'm not surprised, I'm still devastated that she is so hurt.

I don't need a bunch of condolences or anything... just writing therapeutically.


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