What do you say when someone says, "I am praying for you?"

A letter from Lisa

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My daughter went to the gynecologist the other day for a sonogram (12 weeks) and the fetus no longer had a heartbeat. I went to my daughter and son-in-law's town to take care of the baby they are adopting while they went to the hospital for the procedure.

Just got home.

People were telling both them and me, "I am praying for you." "It was god's will." "It was meant to be." . . .

None of us believe that god killed that potential (and very much wanted) child. And we don't believe "it was meant to be" for her to go through that whole in-vitro process twice in two years to end up with two dead babies before they ever got a chance to become babies.

When they say they are praying, I say thank you. They mean well.

But "meant to be" and "god's will" make me mad. Oh, and "God needed another little angel up in heaven," was lucky she was on the other end of the phone.

This is a real question. What do you say?

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