Struggling with doubts

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From Siarhei V

So, I've been officially de-converted for about a week. It has been an interesting week of thinking, experimenting with stuff, telling my friends and family about it, and researching. However, after reading a ton of material on this website, it seems like there is one issue that keeps people believing, and there is no real counter-explanation offered by anyone.

Even though I see many problems with Christianity, one thing keeps me doubting is the authority of Jesus over so called "spirits, demons, etc." that had been witnessed in counseling sessions and reported by many counselors in books, articles, and personal stories I've heard.

We need some light shed on the topic, as it will help many of us to have a peace of mind and rest assured that we have made a right decision.

What does everyone think, and what have your experience has been with supernatural, unexplainable, demon possession, and using the name of Jesus to deal with these issues?

This topic has been discussed on the forum, but none has been able to offer an explanation, and therefore I wanted to put in on the main page for everyone to collaborate on it.

I need some serious help on this one!

Thank you.

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