Trying to leave, but still have doubts

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A letter from Siarhei

Hi guys,

only few days ago I have started to seriously consider leaving my faith and I am trying to get as much info as possible now to help my mind and ease my doubts.

Just wondering,
1) how did you dismiss the stories about demon possession/exorcisms. I've hear a ton of them in my years in church, and even from close friends and their relatives, so they are not lies. Is there another explanation to "demons" obeying the name of Jesus, and coming out of people with screams, laughs, and other weird stuff?

2) The Resurrection story- why did disciples were willing to die if they knew it was all a lie?

3) What about miracles of healing, provision, etc.?

4) What about people with near death experience who claim they saw Jesus, Hel, Heaven, but other claim they see their past lives, which is a case for reincarnation.

Appreciate your answer as I am at the beginning of my journey.

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