A letter to Marc

Dear Marc,

Your recent manic postings on this site have been quite entertaining. Thank you for making the site more popular and more interesting by demonstrating so wonderfully well how religious delusion can severely cripple and hobble the rational ability of a person's mind.

Marc, you said this:
I post for these people dear WM. I have told you before that I will not stop shouting to the world about the reality of God. Unless you remove this site from the Internet, or force people to become members of this site, I will continue to post.

Marc, you are quite insane. There are literally thousands and thousands of Catholic websites out there spreading your message. Do you really think this one little website is more powerful than the combined influence of thousands and thousands of Catholic websites, the prayers of all the saints, and your magical godlett?

You really need help. You actually believe your god needs YOU to help defend the world against one little ole' website?


You, Marc, are hilarious.

Again. Thanks for the entertainment!



Anonymous said...

No kidding. I can't even post my testimonial about how i can't escape christianity without being badgered by another one. Doesn't God have anything better for you to do, say feed some starving children or clothe some homeless. Just a thought.

TheJaytheist said...

Marc should post as "herpes" next.

The man can't tell a dream from reality. He needs medication and a straight jacket.

Dr. Steward: "That's it! Put him in a straight jacket and give him an enema! Wait! Wait, wait... Give him the enema FIRST. THEN put him in a straight jacket."

leotracks said...

Very good response to that nutjob. And to layla; of course Marc could spend his time feeding the hungry, but that might cost some money, and it is cold outside. It is much easier to claim to be better than the rest of us because of your devotion to mythical old bastards than it is to actually do something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the little "Christian Soldiers" all feel compelled to go forth and repeat the crap spewed originally by their clergy.

One trend which makes me want to vomit is employees of retail outlets taking it upon themselves to tune the background radio to the local "Christian" pop music station. Just today I went to a men's clothing shop in Mesquite, TX and was looking through clothes when I realized what I was hearing (about Jesus and going to heaven). I just put the clothes down I had selected and quietly walked out the door. I went down the street and got a better deal, anyway.

OTC said...

Seems to me that this Web Master has a nervous laugh. Just a little forced, no?

You have reason to be Mr. Web Master. You could meet your maker any second of your TEMPORARY life.

There's nothing more urgent than God's desire for our repentance.

boomSLANG said...

The "forced laugh" argument for the existence of God:

(by "Taylor")

1) The Webmaster typed, "HA HA HA HA HA HA"

2) That sounds forced.

*(Yes, I know this is text only communication, but it still sounds forced, dang it!)

3) Therefore, God exists!... and nothing is more urgent than his desire for our repentance!

Rich said...

Isn't Marc more to be pitied than censored? The only difference between a delusional homeless person walking down the steet having a conversation with god and Marc is the homeless person does not have a personal computer hooked to the Internet, warm clothes, food, and shelter. It is true that some people do mock and ridicule mentally sick people in our society, but if we are to treat them with compassion we must treat all of them with compassion not just the ones that don't annoy us with there mad ramblings. Why not just lock Marc out of the site? Rather than waste time dealing with him, we could be doing far more good working to end childhood indoctrination of children rather than dealing with the aftermath of their brainwashing.

Dave Van Allen said...

Rich, if it was possible to completely lock Marc out of the site, I would. Unfortunately his delusional thinking hasn't made him incapable of getting around past blocks on his IP. He's quite stubborn and he's not stupid when it comes to posting on websites.

Regardless, today I successfully blocked 100 posts by Marc on as nearly as many pages of the site. He posted the same copy-and-pasted nonsense, and had they been allowed to get through, you would have been reading him quite a bit.

Marc has been allowed to post here for months without interruption. He has finally worn out his welcome. Anyone who desires to engage him is more than welcome to start up a blog or website somewhere and invite him to post his mystical, Roman Catholic rhetoric ad-infinitum.

I'm tired of him. I will no longer tolerate him.

Although, admittedly, he is quite funny.

Marc, if you're still reading: Blessings to you.

Rich said...

I guess I had no clue to how difficult it is to lock the door. Sorry if I sounded judgmental.

Anonymous said...

Why does an omniscient, omnipotent god need the help of smelly, lowly humans anyway?


Astreja said...

Marc, just ignore us rabid heiĆ°inns and get off the Internet. Your obsession with Ex-C is hurting real-life people close to you.

And get professional help and proper medication for your OCD immediately. It'll make your deconversion much less painful.

Anonymous said...

Here are my unsolicited thoughts: F*ck Mark. Let him go somewhere else and spew his garbage. I am tired of all these fundies coming on here and telling us how much jebus loves us and wants to save us. Why doesn't do something about the homeless or the starving people in Africa? If he loves us so much. Again f*ck him.

Sorry,my rant is now over. (When I have been drinking, I tell you exactly how I feel.)

Dave Van Allen said...

On another thread, ATF wrote, "Between xtians like Marc, Dan etc., our latest Buddha worshiper, and my former experience with the great many who greatly hold onto other extraordinary beliefs, it's clear that any form of reason can hardly put a dent in their chosen belief systems.

It's only those who are close to being 'on the fence', where I think we have a chance of reaching them with reason and logic.
For the rest, no amount of evidence/reason will ever get past the brick wall their minds have put up to protect their fragile beliefs."

I couldn't agree more. When I was still under the power of the Christian meme, I wouldn't have spent five minutes on a site like this one. I would have considered this site a haunt of demonic influence, filled with angry, god-haters. And, to be honest, I would have been a bit scared of tangling with arguments for which I had no answers except that I "believed" and in my "heart" (if not my mind) I knew my god was real. When you really, truly, believe in something, and you think that those doubts banging around in your head are the whispers of magical, invisible demons, well, there's not much anyone can do to help you. My guess is that Marc envisions some glorious "war in the heavenlies" whenever he engages a non-believer with his mystic ramblings.

In many ways, when I was still brainwashed, I was Marc. But where I differed from Marc is that I did not live in fear that the nasty old devil was more powerful than my god, or that HE needed my help to accomplish HIS will. Marc is not only terrified of hell, the devil, and his god, he is also terrified that some of the open conversations here (or anywhere) will turn away some poor, struggling Christian from "The Truth." Marc seems to honestly believe that the conversations on this website are so powerful and so persuasive that the message of salvation handed down by the omnipotent deity of the universe has the potential of being emasculated. I mean, if this god is really god, and Roman Catholicism was handed directly by god to the pope, then can anything on a website thwart or avert HIS will? Think about it, Marc. I know you are reading. Why do you believe your god is so weak? Is cognitive dissonance finally taking its toll?

The other way I differed from Marc is that while still in the height of my fanaticism I would never have been so arrogant as to demand to be "heard," as Marc has done here. His obsessive compulsiveness is probably obvious to all his friends and relatives, but since his OCD is wrapped in religious devotion, no one around him has the balls to call him on it and get him some professional help. I would be willing to lay bets that he has an equally difficult time dealing with people face-to-face for much the same reasons he has made cyber-enemies here.

Anonymous said...

WM I appreciate the job you do and I guess none of us really know how difficult and time consuming it is to maintain a clean site.

If Marc, is so resourceful and energetic in his silly pursuit, you would think that his God would direct him to use his considerable talents on healing the sick and raising the dead. Or maybe he could upstage Chris Angel by walking on water, drinking deadly potions or handling all those poison laden snakes – Oh wait, maybe that’s what’s wrong with him - Marc drank the Cool-Aide!?

Anonymous said...

Taylor wrote: "
There's nothing more urgent than God's desire for our repentance."

Except for god's desire to burn you in hell for all eternity if you don't repent.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Said:
"Seems to me that this Web Master has a nervous laugh. Just a little forced, no?
You have reason to be Mr. Web Master. You could meet your maker any second of your TEMPORARY life.
There's nothing more urgent than God's desire for our repentance."

Dream on Taylor..... WM is scared only in your "Dreams".

Just like your friend Passerby/Marc/Luke/Norm you live in a fantasy world. In case you are too stupid to figure it out, none of us are worried about what your God thinks. We no longer live in fear of your God like your buddy Marc/Passerby does.

Get a life Taylor and shut the fuck up, and while you're at it tell your God to kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

To the Marc's and the other deluted christians who post here:

Well I imagine it's quite frightful for some people to think that they were put here for absolutely no other purpose except to propagate the species.

Oh the horid thoughts of never seeing granny or granpapa or ole shep anymore for being a good little christian boy, is just way too much for some people to bare.

I mean, what other purpose could there be for existing on this planet, except for a test to see just how many people would follow god and his word or satan, (the invisible anti-god without an inspired book for us heathens to follow.)

Just imagine, god's holy word was inspired by saintly and just men, but satan, well he's the distractor, the one who will not let us absorb the true written word, without a good fight in the brain.

That is to say, that everything is then surely just black and white, there exists only good and evil and nothing in between.

Considering that god and jesus and satan whom lives in the clouds above and each one knows the exact amout of hairs on each persons head, this is very important information to god because he will know the exct amount of hairs on everyone's head at the exact time
and moment of each persons death.

Just this statement proves to many that god knows everything about us, we are like fish in a fish bowl, and we cannot escape our own environment, without going through an imaginary deity.

When in all reality, it is each one of us that knows all there is to know about our own selves individually and for some reason the jackasses that wrote the bible, contributed this internal knowledge that only we can know ourselves, to the knowledge of
an external deity, because surely only an external all powerful god could have known what I know secretly about myself.

Well if you're that stupid and insist in believing in what a bunch of uneducated yahoo desert drifters wrote over 2000 years ago, you need to live in delusion, because you cannot handle reality, you're not ready for reality and it will take a massive transformation for you to see how foolish you've allowed yourself to become.

We see how duluted all you christians are. Most of us have been in that position, and now we rejoice that we have broke away from ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Taylor said...

Seems to me that this Web Master has a nervous laugh. Just a little forced, no?
You have reason to be Mr. Web Master. You could meet your maker any second of your TEMPORARY life

The preaching, the warnings, and even the 'compassion' for 'sinners' is all about a con game where you try to distract god by doing what you think he wants sometimes in hopes that he'll forgive you for all the times you forget he's watching. So if you spent some time proselytizing, converting, and threatening non-believers then maybe god will be a little more forgiving when you are lusting after the 20 year old in church. Or when you're stealing office supplies from work. Or when you're fornicating with the person you fell in love with. You can warn all you want--we've all heard it before. This is all just an elaborate psychological game you play with yourself to rationalize all your decisions in life. Try taking responsibility for your own life by researching your religion and beliefs. Stop being so afraid--there's no proof that ANY god even exists. Your fear of the christian god sending people to hell is about as rational as fearing the eternal wrath of Zeus. Think about THAT.


eel_shepherd said...

stronger now envisioned the following Marcocentric encounter:
"...Dr. Steward: `That's it! Put him in a straight jacket and give him an enema! Wait! Wait, wait... Give him the enema FIRST. THEN put him in a straight jacket.'..."

Just to be on the safe side, better put the results of the enema in a straightjacket as well.

AtheistToothFairy said...

Taylor wrote:
AFT said: "Do you think these parents would see your words as consoling, or instead see them as a reason to punch your lights out, hmmm?"

Right. And when was I speaking to the parents, exactly? Never.

Marc (aka taylor)

How is it that you claim to understand your vague bible parables, and yet totally miss the point of my story; that I bet everyone else here understood?

The 'parents' in my story were there to make my point about your misplaced intent to console non-xtians parents who lost a child, by using your god/heaven belief as the proverbial 'carrot'.
You obviously did not, and could not, speak to the parents in my story, as this story was as fictitious as your own bible is.

However, you did indeed address a real non-xtian parent who lost a child, right here on this site, not very long ago.
Therefore, my analogy in this story was quite fitting in demonstrating your normal intentions.
Just because you haven't (or maybe you have) offered your form of consoling to such parents at an actual funeral, doesn't let you off the hook here.

The only reason your nose is still in one piece, is because this is cyber-space and not a real place, like a wake or funeral would be.
Had you said what you said here, to non-xtian parents in the real world who had lost a child, I'm pretty sure you would have suffered far more than just our webmaster erasing some of your posts.
In fact, most likely, you would have had a few pieces of your body 'erased' instead.

>Do you think that just because Christians believe in eternal life that we dance at funerals?

Actually, I see just the opposite from the xtians in my location.
I often wonder why this is the case, for if they are 'true' believers in your god and heaven, then they should be happy their child had a free ride into that godly heaven abode, instead of growing up into an adult and having to earn that reward etc..

FYI..There are some cultures where they do in fact, celebrate death, just so you know.

>Do you think that we approach even our fellow Christians with joy at their child's funeral? We mourn! and we suffer! the loss like all humans do.

I think that most who claim they are xtians, aren't really all that sure about their loved one's going into some heaven upon death. This thorn-in-the-side doubt, is enough to stop them from feeling joy at such times.
If they really believed in their own dogma, then outside of their being selfish to have that person still in their lives, they would rejoice that this person was now in heaven with god.
Well, this is of course assuming they don't believe the person went to hell instead....LOL

So yes, I would think you should feel joy at a xtian funeral, if all those in attendance believe as you do.
However, to express such joy at a funeral where your beliefs are not in effect, is again something that would piss people off for sure.

> What we endeavor NOT to do, is give up and surrender to the pain. Surrendering to the pain would mean that we would let despair and anger possess our hearts. These are not necessary emotions to a mourning heart. These are the emotions of a mourning heart that has lost hope.

Your method of controlling the despair and anger would be much like a person who has a terminal brain tumor, taking some aspirin.
Your false 'hope' is very much like that aspirin.
You might kill some of the pain, but it won't make the tumor go away.

>Your worldview has no hope and intense human suffering can only result in festering anger and despair. Oh yes, atheists will learn to mask, hide and bury these ugly emotions, but they will continue eat at your soul (whether you admit it or not).

There is nothing to admit or deny here, marc.

The mourning stages of someone's death have been well documented.
Most folks will go through each stage of that mourning cycle and will eventually accept that life goes on without that person around.
That is not to say that we stop missing that person, just that for most, it becomes easier with time.
This is true of xtians and atheist both.
Only a small minority would need subsequent therapy for this "festering anger and despair" you speak of here.
For the majority of us, there will be no 'soul eating' going on once that mourning period is over.

While an atheist world-view doesn't hold out any 'hope' for an afterlife, we don't fool ourselves by holding some false hope instead. Our hope lies in a future that we might have some impact upon, either by our actions or through our children.

For xtians like yourself, this type of hope is just not enough to appease them, as they are too selfish in their nature to be content with this simple hope.
Instead, the natural human fear of dying and the basic instinct to survive, will force some to buy into made up fantasies about some promise of an afterlife.

This afterlife desire is far from being unique to your xtian religion, but has existed throughout time and throughout all cultures.
I'm sure the ancient Egyptians were just as sure as you are, about some believed form of afterlife, when they went through their very elaborate death rites.
Of course, the god(s) they worshipped were not your god, but rest assured, they had just as much faith in their beliefs as you do in yours.
How can you be so certain that they had it all wrong and you have all the correct answers to some afterlife, hmm.

>God is the only true source of hope, without hope, what have you? Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is knocking at everyone's door, when will you answer?

Why is it so impossible for you to understand that 99% of us here 'answered that door' already and found there was no one there.
God had plenty of chances to show himself but chose not to, just that simple!!

While you think we have nothing without hope, you fail to define what this hope word means.
Of course, we know you by now and thus know that your hope is all based on a god myth.
Take away your mythical god creature, and you would fall apart for sure, as you don't have the necessary strength to face a life on this earth without your god around to watch your back.

Most of us here (but not all) have accepted the fact that life ends for us at some point.
We don't 'hope' for some impossible spirit life when we die and are fine in just knowing our lives on earth were beneficial to all concerned.
Our 'hope' lies in the future of humankind and doesn't lie in a selfish desire to make ourselves immortal.
We don't aspire, or expect, to become immortal and god-like ourselves.
We live in the real world marc and wishing one could change reality doesn't do a thing towards making that fantasy come true.

You say your god is living, yet you and your kind never have one shred of proof to show this assertion is factual.
I would suggest your god died in 1966, when the NY Times declared 'God Is Dead', but that would assume he once lived.

Oddly enough marc, most of the evidence to suggest your jesus never existed and your xtian religion was formed from all too-human reasons, comes from the very records of your own catholic church. I'm truly amazed that the hierarchy of your church can still maintain their faith, given their own ancient records remove all the mystical nature of your god/jesus.
The evolution (yeah, I know you hate that word) of your church, offers some of the best evidence to show that men formed your beliefs and that it was not handed to us by god/jesus, or delivered by any supernatural messenger-boy.

Marc, you have no courage in your 'soul' to stand on your own two feet in this life.
I swear you would be turned into a quivering bowl of jello, if you lost your faith in the god that you blindly assume is guiding every aspect of your life.

All your assurances for your god, lie in your own OVERLY-dynamic emotions and no where else.
(I swear you must be bipolar !!)

You have never seen your god, nor any REAL miracle that was clearly performed by this god of yours.
It really is quite as simple as this marc.

If your god were real, he wouldn't be hiding out from his children the way he continues to do.
He wouldn't have some lame excuse of us needing this leap of faith, in order for his blessed children to avoid the very hell, that he himself decided to create (but only in NT times).
He would always answer anyone who called his name, but for some strange reason, he only answers those who selfishly WISH him to exist.
He sure would not ignore the millions of innocent children that have called to him, when they were suffering and/or dying.

If your god is out there somewhere, he's nothing but a heartless dictator.
The conflicting personalities alone, that are attributed to your xtian god, make it impossible for him to be real.
If it's possible for a 'god' to exist, then we surely have many of these god beings and not one of them see's fit to stay in touch with us anymore.

The whole concept of your bible god is nothing less than pure silliness.

If you hadn't been brainwashed long ago into believing in this god, you would laugh your ass off, if someone today were to try and convince you of his existence.
If you read the bible like you would any other book of science fiction, the many flaws contained within it, would jump off the pages at you; like they do for us.
It's only because your brain has been custom molded into a "god-brain", that you fail to see the very obvious.

Unlike you marc, all of us here have had the advantage of having been in your realm but found a means to jump over the god-fence.
We now can clearly SEE where we once were, but from a far larger world that exists outside your tiny god world.
Once you are on the outside, it's so EASY to realize the sneaky methods that were used to trap one's mind inside that god bubble.

The first step for you marc to escape your god bubble, is to find the courage to step beyond it's borders and look back at the former frightened man, whose mind was held prisoner by a false fear of pissing off a mythical storybook creature.
You can discover the truth, but as long as fear has it's hooks in you, you will continue to play it safe by cowering in the corner of your mental god prison.

It's time to grow up marc and accept this world, as it truly is. A world that is made up of all natural matter and energy, and nothing un-natural.
Your wishful thinking can never have the power to create the god universe, that your fear demands exist.

Hey, if I'm wrong, well, I'm sure I'll have plenty of friends in the great bean bake-off.
But before your god can send me there, he's got a whole LOT of explaining to do first, to all that he chose to deceive with his lame childish methods.

ATF (who's wonders if god dances, when asked pointed questions about his poor choices for his beloved children)

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