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Where is our God?

Sent in by BTG

I would like to submit my full story sometime later on when I have the time. Until then, I would like to bring up something that crossed my mind as I was sitting down on a bench in the middle of a garden. I began to gaze at a mamey tree. The cycle of life came into my mind.

Obviously, it was birthed out of a pod from a previous tree, and it grew into what it is right now. That tree, which is currently full-grown, has had many different pod-filled fruits come out which it will hope to birth dozens more trees. And then, someday that tree will die.

What becomes of the tree? Surely, it's seedlings live on to hopefully become trees, but does the tree in question go to some sort of magical garden in Heaven? Or does it wither away and vanish from existence for all eternity, as I fear may be the truth?

This applies to all living microbes, animals, insects, and humans that are on this earth right now. When we die, what becomes of our consciousness? Does our consciousness live on in our "soul" and go to Heaven or Hell, as the Christians would like us to believe? Or do we fade away into the abyss, never to "be" again?

Where is our God?

Why hath he not answered to us when we were Christians and prayed to him in order for him to save us from not believing in him?

Why, when we prayed for our gravely ill relatives, grandmothers and fathers, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, pets, friends, and everything else, he turns His back and lets them die?

Is He even real as the priests, clerics, and fundies claim he is?

Where is our God?

I must be a ranting madman, but I had to let that out. In the near future I will be writing my own testimonial. Until then...

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