please dont listen to satan

dear sir/ma'am; i read with sadness[but i had to eventually laugh]; as i read the quiz. you try to debunk christianity, but you're all wrong. every word of The Bible is true. when a certain author[like mark, luke, etc], seem to contradict the other; they are not; its simply their personality in their writing, their account that The Lord allowed them to see[like simon carried jesus's cross most of the way; but christ the final part; and so forth]. please dont listen to satan and depart from christ. jesus is the answer, and every word is completely true. thank you for reading this, my love and prayers are with you all to change to faith in christ, and honor of his word. ken lott, rev. columbus ga.


Roger O'Donnell said...

Mr Lott,

You miss the point of the site, dear. This is a motley crew of 'Been there, seen it, got the tee shirt and some were sexually abused by the pastor for Jesus' site. We've all been through the Jesus meme, and for us, it didn't work. With due respect, we don't try and convert your children away from the 'tooth fairy' God you follow, so please, pay us the respect of not trying to convert us back.

If you choose to continue your Biblolitary, I'd suggest Bart Ehrman's work as a solid sorbet to clear the palate of inerrancy and infallibility. St Paul was a Godless apostate opportunist who'd have sold his mother for glue if it would have increased his temporal power over the churches he planted. I also find the evidence of his martyrdom weak. However, you like the guy so you kiss his ass, just don't ask any here to join you since that dog will not hunt.

May your God god with you.

Grandpa Harley

Anonymous said...

If I thought every word of the babble were true, I'd kill myself right now because I would not want to live in a world created and ruled by such a sadistic and demented gawd as that depicted in that book full of genocide, rape, and torture. Fortunately, my worldview is much bigger than that and I don't feel compelled to make an idol of "scriptures" that limit the definition of god to what was written by primitive tribesmen and later endorsed by politicians and clergy in pursuit of their own agendas.

Anonymous said...

Let me see..... You can't compose a proper sentence, you apparently never paid attention in class when punctuation was being taught, and you haven't the slightest clue when it comes to spelling and grammar. Oh wait! You never got past the 4th grade? And you think you have some information about a magical fairy tale god? You are welcome to your delusions; just don't expect me to validate them. Oh, BTW, that little squiggle is called a semicolon.

Roger O'Donnell said...

A pastor I know said that that part (the raping, genociding kill-all-that-breathes stuff) was only for the Jews. I always find it disturbing when I know more about Clement's Ideas than the out put of seminary. There again, having to explain to one why the Dalai Lama is H.H. Dalai Lama put into perspective the general level of education of flock leaders... When you have to define common usage words to someone, you know you're dealing with a moron.

beepbeepitsme said...

RE: "Every part of the bible is true."

The bible forgot to mention that the devil's real name is toby.

Steven Bently said...

I challenge you or anyone to post one thing that has ever become true as written in the Bible, with the exception of Israel becoming a nation, which really is not a prophesy, and that we all die, which we all ready know.

Post one thing that you can prove that has ever came true as stated in the Bible.

Post one thing right here that you can prove to us that has came true from the Bible.


I'm waiting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Lord allowed them to see[like simon carried jesus's cross most of the way; but christ the final part; and so forth]."

Yeah. You wouldn't think Gawd would be so stupid and clumsy he couldn't get his own story straight.

Anyone can play your game of making assertions. It's true because I say so!

Well, I'm convinced! Praise Poseidon!

David said...

To Ben,

The Bible does say that many will not beleive the Gospel and turn away. I think this website is proof of that.

Dave Poole

Anonymous said...

Is there a place to direct questioning Christians where they will encounter compassion, civility, and wisdom rather than the snide, fatuous, adolescent remarks I see strewn throughout this forum?

Anonymous said...

Good one, Dave Poole! Most of the fundiebots who come here to witless simply spew out some nonsense implying that the wholly babble is true because it says it is. But you go one better by implying that the fact that some people stop believing it means it's true.

Well, people turned away from Zeus, and Jupiter, and Mithras (the model upon which the Jeebus myth was built) before they embraced christinsanity. So, by logical extension, I guess that proves these ancient gods were true as well.

Anonymous said...

An anonymous poster asks "Is there a place to direct questioning Christians where they will encounter compassion, civility, and wisdom rather than the snide, fatuous, adolescent remarks I see strewn throughout this forum?"

If anyone truly has questions, I suggest joining the site and going to ex-christian forums (the link is at the top of this page) and posting to the appropriate thread or starting your own, rather than posting on this page, which is the place to post quick responses to an article.

I have been a member for several months now and I have seen that people are treated with the same degree of civility and respect they extend to others. So, if you actually have a question and you're open to hearing diverse opinions, you need not worry about snide remarks. Your question will likely be answered by folks who are intelligent, well-educated, and have a lot of factual information to share.

However, the christian who comes on this site honestly seeking answers to questions and wisdom is an extremely rare critter indeed. Usually, they just want to preach and proclaim that they have the Truth™ and we're all going to hell, etc., etc. etc.. Since this is a site for recovering ex.christians who've heard it all before and rejected it, preachments are taken as rude and are dealt with accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Ya knoooooowwwwww.....I just can''s too easy...I will save my breath and typing fingers...NEXT!


Steven Bently said...

To David Poole, oh yes I believe the Bible to be the absolute true word of God, I just asked;

Post one thing right here that you or anyone can prove to us that has ever became true from the Bible.


When has a belief ever became true?

I'm still waiting!!!!!

Roger O'Donnell said...

" To Ben,

The Bible does say that many will not beleive the Gospel and turn away. I think this website is proof of that.

Dave Poole"

I think actually the Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Zoroastrians, Bahai et seq all got there first.

Most here have tried the meme and found it lacking, not to say insane.

TBH, to point at one group as proof is just being a moron, thus my case is proven.

Grandpa Harley.

Anonymous said...

"The Bible is true. when a certain author[like mark, luke, etc], seem to contradict the other; they are not; its simply their personality in their writing, their account that "

You mean there are human influences in divine writings??

Who are the authors of the Gospels?

Anonymous said...

"It is their personality in their writing". That is just priceless. Ken, I wonder that you have not gagged to death on your foot. Yes, we see the unmistakable stamp of human personality in every sentence of the bible. That is the goddamned point. The books of the bible were written by men.

Why don't you tell us one instance, just one, where these authors claimed, in no uncertain terms, that they were inspired by god; that their books were dictated by god. Good luck. And would you care to make a wager?

Just one more thing......none of us have ever heard the words of satan. Those were our words, but drowned out for years by the depraved raving of some hick bible school graduate. We have found them sweet.

This posting follows anonymous' posting. I am pleased.

Dave Van Allen said...

David Poole, you manufacturing Christian you:

What was Jim Arvo thinking?



Hasn't your God revealed it yet?



Steven Bently said...

rev. Ken said: and every word is completely true.

Ok just name one word in the Bible that is completely true!!!

Just one word or any words!

Go for it! rev.Ken!

1. ________________________________

I'm waiting!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Bible does say that many will not beleive the Gospel and turn away. I think this website is proof of that."

The Jews say that many will not believe the Old Testament as Gospel and will turn away. I think christianity is proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Ken Lott, we know you are only doing the job of trying to save souls for Jesus and all, but you are in way over your head in here, buddy. Did you pay attention to the point of this website? This is an EX-CHRISTIAN site designed to support US, not you. If you are going to come at us with an argument for Christianity, you're going to have to do better than that. We are far more educated regarding Biblical doctrine than you. Please educate yourself before attempting to step in the ring with seasoned fighters. We know all the arguments. We've heard all the rebuttals. We know of the so called "consequences" for our unbelief, our heresy, our APOSTASY!!! We have studied it from all sides. We have done the sniff test and your religion smells like SHIT! Come back when you are ready to play with the big kids.

Anonymous said: "Is there a place to direct questioning Christians where they will encounter compassion, civility, and wisdom rather than the snide, fatuous, adolescent remarks I see strewn throughout this forum?"

When a Christian actually comes here and asks a question out of a sincere desire to know the answer without the use of hell-fire and brimstone preaching or the same old evangelical bullshit we've heard recited our whole lives, than YES, this is a place he/she can come recieve compassion, civilty and wisdom. As long as they continue to insult our intelligence and try to reconvert us to a set of beliefs that we find offensive and downright obscene there will be little compassion shown. How compassionatly, civil, and wisely would you respond to a Muslim attempting to convert you to Islam when you have read the Qu'ran and know it to be a book full of hypocrisy, lies, scientific impossibilities, absurdities, contradictions, sexism, bigotry, bigamy, blood-lust, and the god-sanctioned slaughtering of babies, women and the elderly. How civil would you be then if this Muslim told you that you were going to go to Allah's hell just for not believing in this wonderful book and that tells of this wonderful "god"? Christians point so often to the violence found in the Qu'ran to make an argument against Islam and for Christianity, and those who are ignorant to the Bible's own violence and repulsive acts fall for your speech, but when we, who are well versed in your "Word of God" throw your scriptures back in your face, you become offended. Suck it up you big sissy.

David said...

To wm,

What is a manufacturing Christian? And I do not know what Jim was thinking. Either I am not going to hear or (here's a bone for you) He isn't out there. I don't beleive the latter but it has to be mentioned as an option.

Dave Poole

Dave Van Allen said...

Answer to dp:

Read your profile.

Steven Bently said...

That was so rich

David Poole that must have hurt so

Where is it Glinda, Dorothy asked?

You had it, all along

What a dork!!!!

Steven Bently said...

Ok this really is a joke, right???

Satan? where is Satan, how did Satan get here, Satan never arrived on American soil until 1492, what took Satan so long to get here? Could it be that Satan rode over here on a boat, written down as existing in a book, as written by men?

What took satan soooo long to get here to America, Mr preacher?

Since the Earth is only 6000 years, why did it take Satan sooo long to get to America?

Satan and the Bible God should be known to all, the instant that Adam and Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit, but where is it written in any Indian literature that Satan or the Bible God exists, should their existance not be known to all mankind, is the Bible God not an equal oportunity god?

But the American Indians had no previous knowledge of a Satan and Bible God, is that fair, why are they all burning in hell right now?

Where is the Holy Indian Bible? I guess Indians have no soul, so they did not need to be saved, like the whiteman, apparently only the whiteman has a savable soul.

Oh ok, you never have thought about that have you, yet you have the gall to call yourself a preacher, what a selfserving rat you are!

David said...

To Ben,

Yeah, that did hurt. He got me right in the pride. You amuse too easily I think.

Dave Poole

Anonymous said...

Dave Poole: "And I do not know what Jim was thinking. Either I am not going to hear or (here's a bone for you) He isn't out there. I don't beleive the latter but it has to be mentioned as an option."

It's not only an option, it's highly likely that it's accurate, based on the fact that no one has ever provided any objective evidence for a "God", and also, now based on the result of Jim's experiment. It seems "faith" is the best you can do....sort'a like the tabacco industry has "faith" that smoking doesn't cause cancer.

The invisible and the non-existant look a lot alike.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Lott, have you ever actually read the Bible? If ever there was a Satan, you are worshipping him. I cannot think of a more terrible monster than the deity portrayed in the Bible. So it is you, my friend, who is listening to Satan.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than a demonic super-being that kills,steals and destroys is the being that created him.
I think Lott better re-think his theology,.. lest there really be a "benevolent" God, who might not appreciate his accusations and assumptions!

Anonymous said...

So what? Satan is not real.
He is in the same class as God, Zeus, Mithras, Santa and Easter bunny.

Anonymous said...

Something can be true whether we believe in it or not, our beliefs do not change reality and there can only be one truth. You are all being deceived. The gospel must be preached to every creature on this planet regardless of race or creed GOD has no preferences. I cannot impose my beliefs on you Jesus only told people the truth, the rest is up to you. You must have a revelation from GOD, a real encounter, not tradition or religion or a bunch of rules but a true encounter with the one and true living GOD though JESUS Christ, he is the only way, there is no other way, it may be offensive to some and not politically correct but regardless this gospel must and will be preached, no one can stop the holy spirit, GOD is pouring out his spirit all over the world people are coming to Christ every day. Jesus has fulfilled all prophecies concerning himself written 500 years before he came etc... do your research thourougly even the most skeptics have been converted because the evidence is overwhelming, this is not blind faith. I am pleading with you, please reconsider before it's too late this could be your last day on earth, it's not about church or what your pastor did etc.. those who did you harm will be judged and will pay the price if they do not repent. IT's about the most important decision you will ever need to make.
I pray blessing on all of you and nothing you can say will hurt or offend me because i am dead to myself and suffering for JESUS is an honor, some of my brothers and sisters are physically dying and being tortured for this gospel, so what do i have to lose???

Proud to be a JESUS FREAK!!!!

freeman said...

jesus freak,

Like we haven't been down this road with other freaks before. Evidence, what evidence? If there were one shred of evidence, we would be freaks also!

However, the prophet Mohamad brought the last word of your god to the people. You have rejected the word of the god of Abraham and all the other prophets (including jesus) and therefore you shall burn in eternity! God told his children to spread the word and Islam is its name!

Anonymous said...

A God nor Jesus never wrote one word of the bible, so how can it be called gospel???

The bible was written to make people think that Jesus was from a divine source, it was written as to inspire and inflict false ideas of a holy god-man that come to save man from his sins.

The NT was written mostly by Saul the Jew/Paul the Christian, whom wanted people to think that he had had experienced a divine intervention, if he could convence many that he had an epipthany, then surely he thought that he was doing the divine will of his imaginary envisioned god and he would be guaranteed a place in the heavens above, this shows how ignorant Saul/Paul was, that was over 2000 years ago, and you're no smarter than his was.

You're just repeating something that you've heard other brainwashed idiots repeat, that's all you're doing.

We've all heard the same garbage thoudands of times! It means nothing! Except you happen to think it makes you sound wise, but it does not, it makes you sound just plain ignorant!

Anonymous said...

G'day people.........I came across this site and was not suprised by what I was reading but what I am writting about is that I have not long been saved and am trying to attend church as best I can with my situation, I have had some trouble with my pastor (feeling used by him for his own agenda) and being rejected by people from churches when I have needed help, I am trying to keep my chin up and still trying to believe, it's hard sometimes and yes I sometimes question it all but is anyone willing to share with me as to why you have come to feel the way you have, I am not here to question anybody at all, something has happened and I am just trying to understand when something like this happens, what does it do to you to feel this way, and I promise that I am not intending to lecure or make comments or anything about what you have decided in your life, Im here just to understand, thankyou.... aussiecowboy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Jebus Freak posted the same bombast almost word for word on another link a few weeks ago. In this one from 10/17/06 fundie said, “Something can be true whether we believe in it or not. Our beliefs do not change reality...”
Yes, and some things can be false, whether we believe in them or not, like Santa Clause, leprechauns, even Harvey the rabbit! They are imaginary, just like Father, son and spook!
“Our beliefs do not change reality.”
Exactly Anonymous fundie, your belief will never make god and jebus come true. They only exist in your mind. You can’t seem to getting past that pre-programming.
In the next sentence fundie all but collapses on the floor, flooding it with his crocodile tears crying out “You are all being deceived…sob-sob… The gospel must be preached to every creature on this planet regardless of race or creed GOD has no preferences.”
I feel so much better after hearing that, because that means the fundies have to get off their collective asses and start preaching to the animals and the insects…AND LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE!. The buybull is quite clear in Colossians 1:23 If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye have heard, and which was preached to EVERY CREATURE which is under heaven.” Yep fundie, it says every creature under heaven, maybe in past tense but that was for the animals and bugs that have passed on. There’s now a whole new flock of four, six, eight and 100 legged critters around the world waiting to be converted to Christianity. So anonymous Jebus freak, you have the 7 to 5 shift tomorrow at the local zoo to start converting all those heathen animals .Don’t deny your Lord God. He will smite you if you ignore his order to spread his word (just like manure – how appropriate!). Let me know before you enter the bears enclave, lion’s cage or the alligator pen to spread the good news, I want to make sure I catch that on camera.
On a final note fundie, don’t bother saying a prayer for us. That’s a dodge. All you are doing when praying is mumbling a few words under your breath and then you’re absolved of having to actually do anything further because now it is in gods hands, or in other words it did nothing. It’s a completely worthless, empty gesture.

Anonymous said...

the bible is the worst joke ever...

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