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Sunday, June 25, 2006                                                                                       View Comments


First of all, I'd like to give thanks to you for your trouble to run this site.

I'm a Korean woman who're very interested in the Christianity.

In Korea, we have 10 million of Christians, and some of them are very weird and lunatic.

They even demonstrated while the World Cup period, because our soccer supporters' name is "Red Devil".

I do hate them because they always threat about "hell".

Anyway...I have a question to the Christians.

Did all the people of Old Testament go to hell?

(None of them believed Jesus Christ as their Savior.)

Even Moses, Isayah, Solomon, king David, etc?

You guys say, only through Jesus Christ people can go to heaven.

And, before the Christ, the poor people have all gone to hell, right? (This is what I've heard from ministers.)

I think Christianity is a very funny religion.

(Or a Myth?)

It's a pleasure for me to read those people who have the same thought.

Have a good weekend~!

Jennifer Lee