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Wednesday, June 07, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

Feeling lonely

Hi Every One,

Very interesting site and I have been here quite a few times. It is a relief actually to find it.

I am still caught in the web of Christianity, but am convinced it to be untrue. I just wanted to call out really, to some people that understand. I feel a gulf has opened between me and the people I dearly love and don't want to lose- but I can't connect. It's like they live in a parallell universe.

And yet the "world" doesn't understand either - so here I am popular in both worlds, successful, but alone.

What do I do? Big bang, public announcement, or go along with the flow? Could the "right" thing be to live out my days a lie - to protect the hearts of my dearest friends and relatives? I have learnt to be a good actor in the last ten years after all....

Any way no point to make, no axe to grind, but just wanting some empathy and advice.

From Lonely