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Tuesday, March 07, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

If there is a God

I had the experience of growing up in a family where there was more than one brand of religion - i.e. Baptist and Anglican. Later on I attended the Mormon Church and then later a pentecostal church. Some would say that this would lead to confusion - but I tend to think that it has clarified the fact that there are so many inconsistencies among the various denominations, that it is better to get away from everything just to think for ones' self.

If there is a God, I would like to know for myself - not take someone else's word. If there isn't a God - then I also want to know for myself - not take someone else's word.

I have never really been religious, and I have never really been a great reader of the Bible either. Perhaps most people who have become atheists have become so because of their own convictions, whereas I have always been sceptical and never really believed strongly in any theory or belief system. I was given the nickname of "doubting Thomas" (or "if in doubt - check it out").

The thing that I have hated more than anything is the way that some christians have controlled others by using verses of scripture - aptly named spiritual abuse.

These days I avoid anyone who has a 'message' for me - or who thinks I am 'backslidden' because I don't go to a church. All in all, I feel quite at peace with where I am at. I am an individual who is thinking for themselves (which is something that is not always encouraged in the church) and I feel free. It is also great to be able to live a normal life again and meet people outside of the church instead of being sectioned off like I was in a sheep pen - it is like I have found a new life and it is good to live it.