I'm a christian


Well, I don't like sneeking in on people so I'll just say it straight away: I'm a christian.

I havn't looked much on your site (yet), but a few things I want to say:

First of all: I found this site when I was looking for free-to-watch christian movies and found you got one of Hovind's debates online here :)

The second thing was that I read your "challenge to all christians visiting this place" in which you give three points which we should think about if we want to stay a christian.

I was positivly surpriced you were so objective! Those points did not contain any sh!t like "you go door-to-door all the time while you shouldn't bother anyone", or "you only think of yourselfs as better people because..." or "many of you are so dishonest" or... (I suppose I could go on for a while her ;))

Anyway, I had trouble with these things too, but I no longer see them as a problem. I don't know exaclty what you did when you thought about these points (perhaps I should read more articles to find out), but I layed it all down for the Lord and He gave me answers I could deal with.

Some of the answers were very personal, but one of the best I ever got (this goes up, mostly for point 1; contradicions in the bible) I found a few weaks agoo on www.drdino.com.

The link is:


There are 4 (if you are interested 5) huge articles about purposed contradicions in the bible.

Also, I'm hoping to start my universal theology education in just about 18 months and I'm doing lots and lost of pre-study, so on some I could be more exact concerning alternative translations which account almost 90% of all (NOT misinterpreted) contradictions.

I'm giving you this link, because you appear to be honest about things and open to listen to any kind of argument.

If you wouldn't be, you'd be just as bad as many parents who force christianity on they're children.

If you don't choose after serious study, your not a christian, nor an atheist (I think I'll make that my personal slogan ;))


Bram van den Heuvel

Ps. as for spelllling eroorrs, I'm Dutch, so please don't shoot :P


Joe said...

Hi Christian. Was that a freudian slip "lost"?

Since your Dutch, you probably wouldn't take Christiandom as seriously as those in the Bible belt.

I believe non of it. Biblical contradictions big deal. The Bible was written by men, sure there are going to be contradictions. There are many sites that post them. And many can overlook contradictions especially if they get a word from authority (of which you will presumably be). My advice to you is this:

Be kind to people always, no matter what they believe or don't believe. Keep in mind when you counsil others that they are troubled and most likely in some sort of conflict. Keep them honest, and be truthful "for God's sake". If you decide to use Faith to believe in God, don't use it against anyone. Keep your belief system "personal" and try and help others with the guidance that you are taught during your time in school.

And the last credence: "DO NO HARM".
That is a doctor's crede, and I am sure it is something you will respect.

Good luck always,

SpaceMonk said...

"...just as bad as many parents who force christianity on they're children."

What are you talking about?
Should christian parents not teach what they believe?
If parents truly believe in it then they're not 'bad' for teaching it to their kids.

My parents didn't force christianity on me, they just raised me in it.
Sure I didn't really have a choice, but as I grew up I was able to question and go my own way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian

thanks for not storming in and telling all of us we're going to hell; that earns a sincere welcome from most of us. Good luck on your degree work, but be warned that when you start looking at original translations the innerancy thing will probably crumble.

Thanks for the link, but any assumption that any of us just got bad information, or turned away from x-ianity because we didn't have all the facts is pretty far off the mark. Most of us left after INTENSE study of the arguements.

Here's a link you might enjoy:

Anonymous said...


"These parallels given the silence of the Epistles and the historical fiction of the Gospels are strong support for the hypothesis that The Teacher of Righteousness grew into the Jesus legend.  This is made all the more likely given the time gap:  the Teacher of Righteousness was executed during the reign of Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 B.C.).  Paul comes 150 years after his death.[6]  Thus there was enough time for a legend to grow inside and outside the Qumran community.   Given the above-mentioned similarities between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the NT a relationship between the 2 must have existed.  This relationship makes it all the more likely that the Teacher of Righteousness was the seed for the Jesus legend.[7]"
Dan (Rationalist)

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