This was "God's Judgment" on New Orleans

With the recent tragedy of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and other parts of the U.S. I can just imagine how so many Fundies are saying right now that this was "God's Judgment" on New Orleans for all of its debauchery, hedonistic parties, breast exposing, and voodoo practicing. Sure they might not come right out and say it in front of non-believers, but they're saying it. They're programmed to think this way, so of course they are saying it and Amening it to themselves.

Now as an ex-christian I look upon such disasters from a totally different perspective. Such a heart-wrenching event as this does not happen because of any evil in New Orleans, but rather to bring love and compassion out of all and to bring that compassion to them practically. Instead of sitting back in some pew or padded chair and criticizing New Orleans of evil, pronouncing judgment, shouting Amen and then go out to a buffet and stuff ones face, everyone should be moved in love for these poor people to face such a travesty. Love and not judgment, compassion and not condemnation, positivity and not negativity should be everyone's heart for all the victims of Katrina.

Its funny, now, as an ex-christian, even though I no longer believe in Jesus Christ, I feel more like what a Christian ought to be than I ever was as a Christian. Christians are supposed to be the kindest, the most loving, the most compassionate, the most giving of any people in the world, but as we all know from experience it is mainly the opposite. Cruel, fearful, condemning, judgmental, intolerant, dogmatic and self-righteous are the "fruits" of most Christians in their hearts. Sure they are masters of making it seem like they "care" for such victims of Katrina and the Tsunami and praying for their "salvation" but in reality they are just as destitute and poor inside as the victims are in their outward circumstances. This is one of the reasons why I could no longer be a Christian. It made me, along with mostly all other Christians that I've ever known, into a cold, critical, judgmental, self-righteously negative person. I was a better "Christian" before I ever became a Christian if you know what I mean.

As ex-christians I know that we can be looked upon as critical and unloving from the viewpoint of those still in the vices of mind control Christianity, but exposing the truth and the "fruits" of Christianity is not being "bitter" or "damaged" as many fundies have called us. Regaining our common sense, our intuition, and our minds and being truthful about it is not being bitter or "hurt". We can show more love and compassion now than mostly any fundie ever can. Let's do what we can for the victims of Katrina and show the compassion that the religious can never show.

John Blatt
psychicevolution at yahoo dot com

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Anonymous said...

For some odd reason I never responded to the comments of my article. Better late then never.

Michael M wrote:

"I also empathise with John's frustration when he says, "Christians are supposed to be the kindest, the most loving, the most compassionate, the most giving of any people in the world, but as we all know from experience it is mainly the opposite." Unfortunately, there are SOME (not ALL) "Christians" who behave without love, compassion, etc. I'm so sorry that the bad behaviour of certain "Christians" may have contributed towards your rejection of Christianity."

If I had a dollar for every time some christian believe that the reason why I rejected christianity was because of the "bad behavior" of lesser, un-loving christians - I'd have an extra couple hundred dollars in my pocket.

It never ceases to amaze me that every christian I come into contact with, whether in person or on the web, has to believe that someone else ultimately caused me to leave. I CHOSE to reject christianity myself, not based on the injustices, cruelties, and coldness thats been handed to me by christians in the past. Every denominational change, every adjustment in my theology, every step I took - while a christian - I took because I wanted to and because I tried very hard to think for myself and not let someone else or even the bible do my thinking for me.

Just today I received an email from some christian I never met and told me that the reason why I "through the baby out with the bathwater" was because I was hurt. OMG!!! Unbelieveable! This is constant proof of the ridiculous mind control that christians continueally live with. I do not deny that there have been several christians whom I have known who have turned on a dime and stabbed me in the back as soon as they knew I was leaving their certain brand of christianity. But that is nothing. For christians to say to every ex-christian that the reason why we are no longer christian is because we are wounded inside. They HAVE to believe that. They have to rationalize our freethinking somehow. So they insult us for thinking for ourselves, declairing us poor, wounded, and bitter christians who really didn't know jesus or the bible. It just blows my mind.

I am an ex-christian, not because of anyone elses behavior nor because of some secret sin or some hidden wound. I am an ex-christian for MANY, MANY reasons none of which are due to anything that I described above. *big sigh*

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