What's All the Fuss?

sent in by Michael J Fowler

When I was eight, my mother admitted that there was no Santa Claus. So followed the rest of the fairy tales.

As I grew older, I noticed that the followers of the "Prince of Peace" seemed to do a lot of killing.

I have quietly been an atheist for over forty years.

I have been a critical care nurse and a firefighter/paramedic because of my belief that humanity must help itself. In my careers I have had to "feign christianity" to keep my jobs secure. I have read more of the bible than most xtians that I know.

After I was seriously injured, we moved to AZ. Ever since the neighbors found out about our (non) beliefs we have been harassed; tires punctured, property vandalized, my son was assaulted at school,etc.

We are considering emigration to a country that allows freedom of thought as I am too old, crippled and in pain to fight anymore.

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