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  • Regardless of your beliefs, your hurting, your pain ... Jesus still loves you.
  • Regardless of your upbringing, your stance on morals, money or sex... Jesus still loves you.
  • Regardless of your views, your anger, your hate... Jesus still loves you

Deep down you know that and you know you are running away from Him, if Jesus didn't care about you why would he take your sin - all your sin - and hang on the cross for you.

If you were the only person on this earth Jesus still would have come down, took your sins on his shoulders and died in your place.

You had a better birth than the Son of God and you surely will have a better death - if you were seriously bothered about the Bible and it's teaching you would have re-started your relationship with God by inviting Jesus back into your life and asking God Himself.

It's true religion lets us down, church lets us down, the world lets you down and christians let you down - but you know like me that in reality

Jesus is faithful and will NEVER let you down.

As for God's love he doesn't give it to His favourite religious people but to everyone, even those He knows will reject it - that is Amazing Grace. Romans 5:8 'God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us'. Not when we were followers of Jesus but when we rejected Him, hated him, and made websites encouraging others to hate him too. When all is said and done this thing remains Jesus loves you.

It is finished... So follow!

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