I was surfing the web, and I came across your Ex-Christian web site and read your testimony and stuff. I read some of the comments too, people can be so rude sometimes. Anyways, I didn't e-mail you to argue with you or anything, or to give you $10 (unfortunately I was just asking for the same thing a couple of minutes ago), I just wanted to see how you're doing. You seem really interesting. I know what you mean about not being able to carry on an intelligentellegent conversation with anyone about doctrine. Although my very close friends can, most people I come across aren't studying much, and certainly cannot defend their faith. I did want you to know, though, that reading your testimony, did convict me to know more answers and try harder to have them available for my recall.
I'm studying predestination as of now and it's kicking my butt so far, but luckily I'm working through it slowly. I was just curious about you and what you believe right now, or what you are studying. I know you said you weren't sure what you believe, but I would be interested to know if you are leaning towards any other philosophies. Thanks.


Hello Rachel,

Thanks for the pleasant note, its a nice change from the usual.

Right now I am spending most of my time raising my children, caring for my aging parents and loving my wife. This also has become my basic philosophy until such time as I stumble upon something else. In other words, I am functionally existential and atheistic for the time being. When I look at mummies from Egypt and realize they too believed in an afterlife like the Christian, it really makes me think. If they were wrong about continuing on, we probably are too. We have no problem believing dogs, cats, horses, sequoia trees and every other form of life simply ceases to exist at death, but we insist that we continue on. Other than our intellect, I just don't see the difference anymore between us and the rest of life.

Hope that helps.

Have a great day!

Dave VanAllen
webmaster of http://exchristian.net

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