So aggravating!

By Houndie

Church Sign - Nanoose, British ColumbiaImage by Alanna@VanIsle via Flickr

So, this morning taking my old doggie to the vet for a little procedure I noticed a sign in front of a church that is enroute. It's one of those churches where they always think they have something clever to say and post it out front for all the world to see. Today's little gem:
"Dear God, I have a problem. Its me."

I saw red! I wanted to turn the car around and go back and change it to read "Dear God, I have a problem... with You!"

How aggravating that churches sell such a mantra of low self esteem! It as if to say "Hey! Not only are you part of a doomed race, but you suck too"

I would love to convince those people that they are NOT a problem. That the problem lies in a ridiculous dogma that tries to tell them they are a problem. They need to know that they are worthwhile on their own merits, not because of some god.

Truly, when I look at the amount of people who are still ruled by fear, superstition, and oppression of religion, I know we have not evolved much at all.

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