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My question is for christians who visit this site. I myself am an ex-believer and I've posted comments on here in the past as anonymous.

My question is "How can christians possibly explain the contradiction between the character of God in the Old Testament and the character of God that Jesus teaches in the New Testament?

The Old Testament makes God out to be extremely vengeful, wrathful, and apparently hardens people's hearts so they won't repent. He even allows Moses to command the Israelite men to kill all the Midianite men, boys, and women who were not virgins, and sanctions the men to keep the young virgin girls for themselves.

Jesus describes God as all loving and merciful. The New Testament says there is no partiality with God... ect... ect... How do christians reconcile this?

When I was a believer, I was always taught that in the Old Testament it was the time before mercy, and that is why God's judgment presided over us rather then His mercy. The New Testament was based on the fact Christ changed things by bringing in the time of mercy.

Lol....thats a crock! Anyone who knows their Bible knows that God chose to forgive David for committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband murdered. God also sent Jonah to Nineveh to warn them cause He chose to have mercy on that city!

Yet, all through Old Testament, God chooses to be horribly wrathful on people for the stupidest things -- sometimes for nothing.

Can any Christians explain this to me?

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