Modern Christian Miracles?

A letter from Jari in Finland:

I searched some skeptical/ex-Christian sites and wanted to ask my question to someone who possible may have some ideas of the things I am gonna ask and maybe provide some helpful information.

I am myself agnostic at the moment. Was believer in past, but really started doubts some things in Christian faith. So much confusion and wrong prophecies, much fear instead spreading love and courage to peoples life.

Since I lost my faith I have read much skeptical material from the net and from books too.

My question to you is this: Have you or do you know if there is any study made about the current Christian miracle claims? I mean basically those extreme Charismatic meetings which report jewels materializing from thin air, instant weight loss, angel feathers from thin air, oils pouring from hands and gold/sapphire dust from bodies.

Basically I first heard of those claims from my Christian friend, who watching Sid Roth "Supernatural" programs on Christian TV.

There have been in guests on the programs like Patricia King, Joshua Mills and David Herzog who shows those miracles in their meetings.

On YouTube there are many videos claiming and showing those kind of strange manifestations, like different kinds of things appearing from thin air.

I am a bit worried myself about my current Christian friends who are watching those and believing them at face value.

What I have myself read from the Net, there are some guys who have been caught in some frauds, but there are much more of these phenomenon that seem to be coming from ordinary and seemingly decent people.

So basically I'd just be thankful for any advice, book or article recommendations.

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