Atheists are intolerant

A letter from Lemsip

I do not support christians whatever they do but to label them all as the same and bring them all down to the lowest common denominator sucks. This is what the fundies do to non christians. You do the same to christians and some are quite lovely people.

I am an ex christian but am ashamed to call myself an atheist judging by how some of the atheists decided to gang up on me and call me names. I don't think many of them are ex christians. They've decided as soon as they could that religion wasn't for them before giving it a chance and to go further by blaming all society's ills on them just like Emperor Nero. To them christians are handy scapegoats that they can look down upon and project their weaknesses onto.

Quite frankly this website sucks. It's getting very boring. Somebody makes a post and there are comments with platititudes and parrotted repitition. No one is allowed to differ on any point.

I would like to inform you that this morning the BBC broadcasted a discussion programme and one of the topics up for discussion was 'are atheists intolerant' and many people on the panel came to the conclusion that they were. The timing was superb. Yes they are as intolerant as fundamentalist christians. One poor girl was repeatedly told by any atheists she met that she was soft minded and that she didn't think for herself. Do atheists think for themselves? Like religious people they have picked a philosophy that has been around for centuries.

It's religious intolerance I support and fundamentalism of any kind be it Christianity, Islam or Atheism that I oppose vehemently.

Following on I would like to add that christianity didn't work for me after a while though I am grateful for those first few years' when I made new friends with kind people and was invited to people's homes to experience family life. In church I had learnt to sing in a choir and to go door knocking a skill I was able to use in market research. It had run it's course and I wasn't able to see it. A counsellor once told me this but added that had I not become a christian I would have gone off the rails. I can agree with this as the only friends I had at the time were either christians or alcoholics. There are benefits as well as dangers in the christian faith.

It's a pity that this website is full of cyber bullies who cannot tolerate any difference. This is something I didn't find on the Walkaway forum. I come from a different country where the culture of christianity is very much different. I do not leave in the Deep South of the USA where one has to be strongly conservative christian or libertarian atheist and fit into one or the other camp. There are room for shades of grey where I live as people have much more intelligence. As Michael Moore once said in his documentary film 'Bowling for Columbine' "the thickest person in the UK has far more intelligence than the average American college student". There is a grain of truth in this especially considering those from the Deep South or Hill Billy country.

The pain I found in christianity was in being trained to be servile, submissive and 'turning the other cheek'. This made it difficult to engage with people in the secular world as I became a soft target who didn't fight back and cried instead. I took classes in assertiveness and started standing up for myself and earning more respect in the process. However I found myself more and more ostracised in church because I was no longer a soft target there. But who do you blame? The people who set you up to be a patsy or those who take advantage. Both factions, I've come to the conclusion.

I have no room in my life for patronising christians who try to 'protect' me from fun and personal growth. Nor do I have any room for agressive hedonistic atheists who criticise christians and anybody with a moral code for being soft minded, who urge them to 'think for themselves' and 'make their own decisions' which really means 'think as I do and do as I do'.

I'm now longer going to sit and remain silent when atheists proclaim that only christians commit crime any more than when christians proclaim that all atheists lead sad empty lives and the decline in church going has led to an increase in crime.

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