Ex-Christian testimonials sought for new book

From Edward Babinski

Prometheus Books is interested in publishing a book of testimonies of college students who have left the fold, including the testimonies of founding members of the various freethought campus groups that have sprung up across the country in the last decade or so. There will also be room for testimonies by "leavers" from Christian colleges, even ex-seminarians. Though most of the contributors ought to still be fairly young. I am seeking intelligent, articulate and moving testimonies by young people who left the fold in college. I expect some may wish to remain anonymous which is fine; their name and the names of their church and family can be edited either before their submission or afterwards so that anonymity is maintained.

I hope to publish the most intelligent, articulate and/or moving testimonies in full length format along with a photo of the contributor (unless they wish anonymity), and also include quotations from the testimonies of the remaining submitters.

I am also seeking to speak with past founders and presidents of campus freethought groups for an introductory chapter on the HISTORY of the rise of campus freethought groups during the last two decades (or if not a complete history at least some of the most entertaining or moving anecdotes concerning the founding of such groups).

Edward T. Babinski (editor of Leaving the Fold: Testimonines of Former Fundamentalists, Prometheus Books, 2003) email: <leonardo3@msn.com>

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