Dallas filmaker seeking former Christians for documentary

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From Randall Scott

In 1990, a Faith/Religion survey was taken by Adherents.com. In this survey, only 8% of the American population claimed to be ‘Nonreligious.’ However, the same survey taken in 2005 showed that 16% of the population claimed to be “Nonreligious.” The numbers of the ‘Nonreligious’ DOUBLED in just 15 years. If one goes up, something must come down.

In his "Untitled Short Doc," filmmaker Randal W Scott will peer into the hearts, minds, and souls of many valiant men and women who awakened from their dogmatic slumber and reject the religious indignation of Christianity and it’s teachings.

Open, safe, group discussions and individual interviews will give birth to the story. Randal will tap into the conscious, heroic life of Ex-Christians by exploring four main points:
  1. their previous religious lives
  2. the grueling de-conversion process,
  3. their frightening experiences of coming-out-of-the-closet to family and friends, and/or
  4. their post-religious lives.

The goal of the film is to help dismiss the mistaken, ill-informed notion adopted by a lot of Christians, that non-believers are evil and not to be trusted. Not only can they be trusted, but they are some of the most honest and intelligent people performing some of the most beautiful, benevolent acts of love and kindness.

Randal hopes to play this documentary at Film Festivals, Free Thinking organizations and churches, the Internet, friend’s homes, and any other mountain top that will have it.

If you are a former Christian; live within a couple hundred miles of Dallas, Texas; and would like to participate in this project, Randall can be contacted by email at <randalwscott@gmail.com>.

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