I'm holding my options open

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As I have been reviewing many of the articles on this website I have noticed something that needs to be addressed. Like many of the people here I have had a religious past - Christianity, New Age, Unity, and Wicca. The one thing I have noticed a lot in the articles is the equating of the discrepancies in the Bible with proof of the non-existence of a deity. Disproving the Bible does in no way disprove god. It only disproves the divine authorship of the Bible. Disproving any particular religion does not disprove god either.

Religion, and religious texts, are the by-product of people who ponder the questions about god/gods and how they interact with man. What began as innocent stories and speculations, over time became sacred texts and then religions. This is undoubtedly where the bible came from. Bible criticism has brought many bible facts to light through research and very timely investigations. Many are turning away from the bible because of these findings.

Should losing ones religion ultimately bring one to atheism? Thomas Paine and others did not feel this way. To them, god existed, and that was as far as they took it. To prove, or disprove a deity is absolutely impossible. To worship a god one has no proof of is frivolous.

Until science can tell me absolutely how this universe came about, and how life came to be (since life can only come from life), I will hold my options open.

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