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Monday, May 26, 2008                                                                                       View Comments

I'm on this journey and need some words of wisdom

from Lori

I'm currently trying to find out what is the truth in this world and am having a hard time dealing with the splitting of myself.

On one hand I know what I have been taught, but on the other hand I have so many questions that are unanswered, such as why would God tell us "Thou shalt not kill" and "Thou shalt love thine neighbor as thy self", but then command people in I Samuel 16 to kill of a nation that was Israel's neighbors (children, women, cattle, everything)?

Part wants to say, "Well, they weren't following the will of God." but the other wants to say "Well, can I go and kill people today because they are not following the will of God"? I don't know.

I'm on this journey and need some words of wisdom. Can someone help me without the brutal comments? Can't handle that right now.