Onward Atheist Soldiers?

A letter from Glenn B

Religion and her twin sister, mass self-righteousness, have been the stated cause of every war man has ever fought. It's the cause of most of the hate, bigotry and hypocrisy in the world today and always has been.

The prisons are full of Christians and Muslims. Then they have the nerve to say that it's us, the atheists, who are being mislead and are bad people.

Atheists don't brainwash their kids into thinking that they're better than everybody who doesn't believe what they do. Or that you can go out and rape, torture, murder and steal all you want, as long as it's in the name of some invisible guy in the sky who's never saved anyone.

Atheists don't pull that cowardly old "I was in the grips of Satan and am not responsible for the terrible things I've done" crap. Sorry to spoil any atheist bashing, but we don't believe in Satan, so of course we don't worship him. Technically, you have to be a Christian to worship Satan, because you have to believe in one to worship the other.

Christians and Muslims alike have a long bloody history, and they're showing no sign of changing that path. I've never heard of a song called "Onward Atheist Soldiers." Actually I've never seen a group of people more misinformed about their own religion than Christians. About 30 years of studying religions, beginning with Christianity, then other modern religions, then going back chronologically through the history of various ancient religions, I discovered that the further back you go, the narrower the field of study becomes. Then you realize that they've all got common roots deep in antiquity. Well, that and they're all bullshit.

No religion follows any logic. Anyone who believes in ANY religion has been brainwashed, and most likely by the people who claim to love them the most.

I've also found most atheists to be, on the average, higher in intelligence, far more aware of what's really going on in the world around them and better equipped, (less baggage?) to deal with it. And if you really dig hard enough, you'll find that a vast majority of history's best minds were inhabited by atheists. There have always been people, especially high-profile public figures, who've feigned Christianity to avoid the hassle, which sometimes included imprisonment or death.

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freethinker05 said...

Thanks Glenn, for another great truthful testimonial. Even a person as myself,(with a low-level of education), finally figured out that ALL religions are bullshit; And as of this day I am a more happier and fearless guy, by escaping the bondage of the monster, biblegod, and/or any other bookgod. Peace, Roger, A/A

Anonymous said...

Yes, Glen.

If people like Albert Einstein had wasted their precious time worrying about hell, going to church, and reading the bible, they wouldn't have had any time to come up with all those great ideas.

I find that leaving religion has freed a big portion of my brain, so that I now can concentrate in the things that really matter.

Anonymous said...

When I was a Christian, I spent tons of time reading the Bible and going to church. Now, I have so much time to do science, and I worry so much less.

I can't say I wasted all my time in religion. There is a lot of good stuff in the Bible, but most of it really is crap.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I wasted all my time in religion. There is a lot of good stuff in the Bible, but most of it really is crap.

To say that there is nothing good in the bible would be a little exaggerative, however, I find absolutely nothing good in the bible that cannot be had without religion - Fellowship, family, morality, sacrifice for the benefit of others (not "blow yourself up and as many people as possible type of sacrifice"), love, acceptance, etc. can all be found in there. Unfortunately this is buried by a mountain of negative stuff like intolerance, hatred, rape, murder, suffrage, genocide, incest, torture, etc.

Religion just muddies the waters and it allows people with despicable ideas a haven. Bigots and homophobes find acceptance in religion, as well as war mongers, haters, and crackpots.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Glen. On a recent episode of Dateline NBC, the absurdity or prayer and religion was demonstrated in a very sad example. It was your classic story of the system failing a woman who did all the right things. She was stalked by a former lover in which the system failed to protect her.

As they chronicled the last night of the woman's life before the crazed exlover broke into her home at 3am killing her and her new boyfriend, as her four children heard the entire event unfold, they reported that one of the children said her nightly prayer as always before the events unfolded:

"Dear God please keep mommy and our home safe from harm."

WTF This sweet inocent girl sincerely asks God one simple request, just for the satety of her mommy, and what does this all loving God do for her troubles? Oh just ruin this little girl and her siblings lives.

Why can't people just get a clue?

Bill B.

Huey said...

Xrayman said:

"Why can't people just get a clue?"

Because they won't! I got into a discussion with a woman I know, who was on another of her "I don't understand why you don't believe in Jesus" rants and was expounding on the "power of prayer". When I told her that the studies demostrated that prayers do not work, she told me that "they changed the results of the study and now it proves it!". She read it somewhere, can't remember where or when but knows it for a fact. When I showed her the downloaded results she just said that they were wrong.

We are dealing with people that can talk themselves into believing anything at a moments notice. Goerge Smith called it "belief incorporation", whereby the religiously pious make it up as they go along, and then firmly believe it and will further say that they have always believed it.

These people don't use critical thinking. They've been carefully trained their entire lives not to and to be distrustful of those of us who do. The person I mentioned in my first paragragh is a prime example. Her arguments for religion are almost always "I read it". She believes what she reads, or what she thinks she reads because authorities have spent her lifetime convincing her that the written word must be true. Indeed most people believe this. Noted playwright Neil Simon once related an inciddent in his life where he discovered that he had to be more careful of what he wrote than what he said, because of the almost diametric ways people react to each. If you say it, people might be inclined to argue about it. But if you write it, people are more inclined to believe it.

The really sad part of the story that Xrayman posted is that somewhere there are xtians who are even now claiming that the sparing of the children's lives is proof of their god's love and mercy.

Kill me now!

Anonymous said...


What was that you were saying about being self-righteous?

Anonymous said...

Good letter. I have been saying for years that most, if not all, of the worlds problems can be dropped at the door of religion. Once one releases himself from those chains and sets his mind free, it becomes much more difficult to hold the same preconceptions of other people and/or groups. Religion is deliberately devicive, drawing sharp, imaginary lines between groups because by creating an "Enemy," you can more easily forge a stronger sense of fellowship within your own group, thus exerting a stronger control over them. And why would you follow my beliefs if that did not make you "Better" than someone who does not.

Michael Walls said...

Well, welcome to religion 101. If you are just now discovering the unholy relationship religion has with war and conquest you need to do some more reading. Western religion has been shamelessly twisted into a tool of conquest since before the time of the Roman Empire. Rome’s MO - first the soldiers slaughter all military opposition, and then the missionaries arrive to finish the job from the inside out. To this day, the Holy Roman Empire rules the hearts and minds of affluent and impoverished communities worldwide – and the Pope is the Emperor.

What good is conquest if you have to fight every new generation to re-establish domain over your sheep? If you study the Catholic Church’s system of indoctrination you’ll see why they eventually abandoned war – their job was done more efficiently by inquisition, catechism and proselytizing children from birth.

Personally, I would prefer war with them – no words refrained from, and all contender’s purposes nakedly revealed and in the open. The Catholic leaders proclaim their doctrine of world domination and we, make our declaration of indomitable resolution. This coward’s game of politically correct cat and mouse is making me crazy.

In all fairness, let’s not cheat Muslims and Jews out of their mention here. The Neutron bomb was designed for the middle east – zap, new world.

Anonymous said...

So bash Christians huh? If you don't believe in god, that is your
choice. As a Christian, I dont bash Atheist. But i have one question.....so how did we get here? Not to believe in ANY god, none at all? that we just got here by a whim gimme a break....
no christianity is not perfect, nothng walking this surface is but to be totally obivious to a Supreme being is kinda off by any standards...im sorry to offend but thats MY TRUTH

J. C. Samuelson said...


But i have one question.....so how did we get here? Not to believe in ANY god, none at all? that we just got here by a whim gimme a break....

Whim? I think perhaps you meant "by chance." As for an answer to that question, what makes you think that Christianity has it? Science does not say why the universe exists, or what existed before it, if anything. We don't know the answer to either question. But supposing the answer is to be found in a book written by Bronze Age barbarians is simply absurd. If we narrow the scope of the question a bit, we can approach an answer as to how we - as in human beings - got here. We are the product of evolution. No, evolution is not random, but it is purposeless and undirected.

I'm confident you'll disagree, but I don't know upon what grounds you'll choose to do so. Feel free to post your thoughts, and perhaps we'll delve into it further. On second thought, begin by taking a look at Understanding Evolution.

It's actually the Christian who supposes the universe was created "on a whim;" the whim of a god.

...to be totally obivious to a Supreme being is kinda off by any standards

Not by any standards, by your standards. In fact, I would venture a guess that you are completely oblivious to the existence of Zeus, Apollo, Allah, Shiva, Odin, Thor, Brigid, and many other gods and goddesses humanity has turned to throughout history. Thus the reality is that your standards and our standards are actually quite similar, except we choose to apply that standard to your god as well.

"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." ~ Stephen F. Roberts

...im sorry to offend but thats MY TRUTH

Not offended at all. As for your truth, are you then saying that all things are equally true, or do you, like everyone else, think your truth is the only real truth?

Anonymous said...

Deja Carter : But i have one question.....so how did we get here? Not to believe in ANY god, none at all? that we just got here by a whim gimme a break....

Then were did god come from? Who created God? If you can accept an eternal God then why not an eternal Universe?

You believe simply because you want to believe. Your truth is not truth. You are living a lie.

The voice of Humanity said...

Hey Glenn-

Our beliefs are so similar. Your knowledge and ability to see the horror that religion has inflicted on our race as human beings is so refreshing. It's hard for me day in and day out to have to deal with christians. I had to accept that I was angry at religion in general for what it has done to our species. Christians always tell me they see so much anger in me, but it's passion for the betterment of humanity.

I would love to go to some sort of fellowship with like minded people. I think so many could benefit from people like us getting together and possible actively trying to "unsave" or "unborn again" people trapped in the grips of false faith.

Is there anything like a gathering or conference or something?


SEO said...

Steven, you might want to try Meetup.com. Depending on your location and your interests there might already be a group you can join. If not, you can become an organizer of your own group.


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