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Thursday, March 29, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

Warning To Fellow Christians

Sent in by Niece

For those of you here that are Christians but desire to somehow convince these people that they are errant in their ways, please stop. These people are hardened by annoying if not mean persons who believe they are 'acting for Christ.' This is not a holy crusade to visit this website and tell these people they are wrong, that's called harassment. Simply fitting into that Superman shirt will not allow you to save these people, that's God's job. If you so desire to 'help' these ex-Christians, then do as Jesus and pray. He knew when to keep his mouth shut, so should Christians.

A problem with Christians is that they claim everything they do is in the name of Jesus but is it really? Couldn't it be more for your own ego or somehow perversed superiority? Jesus washed feet, he came to with a servants heart act. Do these people desire your comments? Most likely not.

The first step a Christian could make while on this site is to understand that you are not going to win here, only God can do that. So quit typing and pray. (Taking my own advice here.)