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Sent in by Jim T

I thought this was pretty funny and I wanted to pass it along.

I recently got Sirius Satellite Radio because I love radio and I just couldn't take regular radio anymore. Anyway, I was listening to Howard 100 and Howard 101, which is Howard Stern's radio stations on Sirius, and Howard invited a guy named Bill Keller to host a weekly live prayer show on his radio station. Howard basically did it as a "goof" and thought it would make for entertaining radio to have this guy interact with his listeners on his radio station.

It was pretty entertaining to say the least. His first day Howard put a prostitute and a transvestite on the air with Bill Keller and it was pretty typical. He basically told them they were both going to "hell" and he was going to pray for them before they did.

I wrote Bill Keller an e-mail and told him that I am an ex-christian, and I explained to him why I left Christianity. He had said life is a "mess" without GOD; I basically told him that my life was a bigger mess with Christianity and all the confusion it caused in my life. Below is the response I got from Bill Keller.
I'm sorry you've chosen to turn from the truth Jim...that's a choice each of us has to make and each of us will be held accountable for the moment we die and stand before God..I will be praying for you

Know that I am praying for you, be richly blessed,

Bill Keller

Founder, www.liveprayer.com

More on this from The Christian Post:

Howard Stern Invites 'Live Prayer' to His Studio

A live prayer show was featured on Howard Stern's show Monday night when the controversial and famous "shock jock" invited the television host of a prayer program to his studio.

Bill Keller, nicknamed the "Dr. Phil of Prayer," was invited to hold his daily program, Live Prayer with Bill Keller, on Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio 101 network from 7-8 p.m. where he would answer calls from many of Stern’s difficult fans.

"Howard said he wanted me to field calls from some of his most challenging listeners," said Keller, the host of Live Prayer, in a news release. "He is a man of his word because after the show his people called and invited me to do a one hour special just like my television program."

The special programming is a result of a debate Stern and Keller had on Mar. 1, where they quarreled with one another for about 20 minutes on topics ranging from homosexuality to adultery to pre-marital sex. The shock jock enjoyed it so much that he invited the prayer warrior for a full show.

Despite the difficulties he will have to face in dealing with Stern’s typical listeners, the guest host was excited to be on the programming, expressing how he can bring about positive change.

"Just from the first program, I had over 3,000 emails from Stern listeners," the ministry figure noted in a statement. "About 40 percent of them were typical, hateful anti-Christian emails, but some 60 percent of them were legitimate, sincere people asking for prayer and direction in their lives. I believe many were backslidden Christians who were jolted back to reality by listening to Howard and I debate the very things that were heavy on their hearts."

The format of the special program on Stern's show was the same as on Live Prayer. Keller opened the show with a 10-12 minute monologue about current issues and gave his opinion about them. Following that, the phone lines were opened up for callers who he then responded to.

Live Prayer with Bill Keller is the only live call-in, faith-based television show that is broadcasted on only secular television channels. The host deals with a large variety of hot topics and sins, which he prays for live on the spot from a conservative, biblical perspective.

The show is broadcasted Monday-Friday on Tampa, Fla.’s CBS Affiliate CW 44 late at night from 1-2 a.m. Interested people can listen 24/7 to online streaming on his website, LivePrayer.com.

According to Keller, his website has responded to over 60 million prayer requests.



jimearl said...

According to Keller, his website has responded to over 60 million prayer requests.

Things that would have happened anyway notwithstanding, no one in the world can honestly say they have had a single prayer answered. I would guess that I prayed many thousand prayers when I was a cretin but not one got answered. If that is typical, then he is probably 0 for 60 million. Why doesn't he pray for the starving children of the world not to starve to death at about a 100 per day rate or an instant end to the war in Iraq? I'll tell you why, because he KNOWS it won't happen, like WE KNOW it won't happen either.

Anonymous said...

ctThis is funny! Have you guys read Keller's testimony from his website liveprayer.com. He served a couple of years in Federal Prison for the inside trading of stocks. Its Funny how guys like this can scam and screw people out of their life savings and Fuck people financially. Now he's Hollier than thou telling people how to live their lives on Howard Stern! He's another Fraud who "found Jesus" in Prison. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

How came christian keep going on about "truth" How can you say something is the "truth" when there is absulutly NO evidence for it. It's the "truth" because the bible says so! In that case everything ever written is the "truth".

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