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I wish to say that, although you may not be able to control it entirely, I am offended by the occasional, unmonitored anti-Semitism on this site. "Hebrew Demon God" being one of the expressions I see used frequently. Yes, the OT is an outdated, violent book. But the Jewish people have LONG ago stopped practicing any of the more primitive and vengeful things in it; unlike, dare I say, some other religions. And about the OT, as Jewish thought developed, the tales are usually regarded either as a grim moral tales about the fallibility of man, or otherwise tales of Jewish history, or semi-pseudo-history if you like.

Christian or Ex-Christian, or Muslim, must you all accept slandering Jewish people and their tradition as all right? Which tradition, by the way, most Christian and Muslims view through bigoted, slanted, or ignorant eyes, having absolutely NO concept of what Judaism is truly like, and having their information filtered through bigoted, slanted, self-serving interpretation of their religious and political leaders. That, however, is the subject of another rant entirely.

I realize that you cannot monitor everything that goes in this site, and I certainly give you the benefit of the doubt about catching everything said. But it would be nice if ex-Christians would have the decency to respect people who suffered at the hand of extremist Christians much more than they did, and for no plausible reason other than mankind's eternal desire to demonize the “other” and/or find scapegoat. Jewish people have been prosecuted for centuries for a crucifixion of a man who may never have lived at all! It’s deranged fantasy at its best, and it’s both angering and painful.

Oh, right. Judaism is a demonic religion. This is why, during Medieval times, 90% of all women doctors were Jewish. This is why the family has been very important to Judaism, and women were respected much earlier than they were in Christianity and Islam. This is why Hillel, a very famous Jewish teacher living some decades before Jesus was supposedly born, taught the concepts of mercy and forgiveness later integrated into Christianity. This is why Jewish people studied in congregations and sold merchandize while Christianity and Islam were off on virtuous bloody crusades, inquisitions, mass murders and the like.

Again, I know that you cannot monitor everything, and for all I know I am talking to the wrong person. Your consideration, is possible, is appreciated. I would also prefer you not to post this letter, because I can imagine the anti-Semitic drivel that will follow (with the word “Israel” frequently thrown in. But that’s another discussion altogether. Of course, for all I know, you will post the letter for precisely such a reason. You never know who you're talking to online, unfortunately.)

Well, I ranted. Anyway, thank you.

signed, Anonymous

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Anonymous said...

what the fuck this this person say about Slanted eyes? not once have I made any anti semetic comment, except a comment that Ariel Sharon is a meany. But fuck face! that's just a comment about the PERSON Ariel Sharon.

You just called me a slant eye, you fucking christian whore! I hope you angels invade us slant eyes I will enjoy ripping their wings off.

Slant eye, you don't see me calling you a polka dot (freckles) headed step son of a redneck do you? (this is figurative, guys for example purposes).

fuck you Christian.

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