Keep up the good work!

Hello! I stumbled across your websight and was intrigued enough to stay and read a while :)

I enjoyed reading the story about "It Is Well With My Soul" ( I certainly had never heard the 'rest of the story'), as well as your life testimony. Thank you for the 'history after the hymn' was educational and enlightening! Do you happen to know the 'rest of the story' of Spaffords daughter, Bertha? I do not, but would certainly be interested in finding out. Perhaps you have sent me on my own quest :)

Your personal life history I found poignant at some places, challenging in others, directly honest and a much needed bright light shining in some dark, superficial, hidden and some 'not so hidden' corners within Christianity. I, too, have experienced some of what you have well as questioned things (only to find few - if any- people willing to really look at my concerns and questions). I 'appreciated' (?) knowing, once again, that I am not alone in these experiences, and that no, I am not crazy :)

I do still consider myself to be a Christian, a believer in Christ. My own personal challenges are driving me to look deeper, as well. (although admittedly not as deeply as you have, quite yet:) My wrestling match is more along the lines of how as a 'church' we are really, truly representing the God we so eagerly preach to people about, not so much about the authenticity and reality of God.....that I have reconciled with, and have respectibly come to a different conclusion that yourself. I appreciate your perseverance, passion and determination to find the TRUTH, my friend! Keep up the good work!

Colleen :)

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