What is wrong with you people?

First off, what is wrong with you people? Why create a site to destroy the only thing that some people need to get them through the day. I admit, at times I believe that god does not exist, because I am only human, and ignorance is a very strong characteristic, but there has to be more out there besides us, a few other life forms, and a whole lotta space. God, is and should always be your refuge, even if its a cult. He's not asking u to make wallets, or screw lids on jam jars, he's just asking you to have a little faith. The apocalypse, is the inevitable end to this world, even if you like it or not. Because of our ignorance, we shall indeed destroy this earth, be it tomorrow, in a decade, or 200 milleniums. If god is real, his messiah shall return, and grant refuge to those whom have had faith in him, if not, we may all suffer because of our actions. Christianity promotes kindness to thy neighbor, and if everyone were Christian, we would never have to give up this world. Because of the actions of a few, (like you) this world is probably already given up. God may not, but the Devil walks among us, and he has already gotten to you, I am terribly sorry, but I deeply wish you would reconsider Christianity. I am a student from highschool, and I was athiest until I got to snooping, I realized that Christianity, gives us faith, and shows us what is meant for us afterlife, instead of just rotting in the ground.

Narindra Singh

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