I do believe in God

Hi, Was perusing your website, and for some reason, felt compelled to write you.

As a professional with a post-graduate education, I can appreciate your admittedly intelligent discussions in many of the "controversial" areas that so often become arguments about religion.

You seem to have a reasonable understanding of logic and the correct use of the word "fallacy". I too believe it is important to not throw our brains out the window. Scientific method is not "evil". My entire career is based on evidence and science, because I make diagnoses under the microscope every day.

In all my training and understanding of the human body, cancer, and science in general, though- I have personally come to the conclusion that there is much that we do not understand, and will never understand.

I do believe in God.

Bear with me... I understand the "burden of proof" game. I certainly cannot prove my beliefs to you, or anyone. However, the arguments your website relies upon so heavily-"supposed Christians do/have done bad things", "Christians are hypocritical", "the Bible contradicts itself" are certainly not reasons that God and Christ don't exist.

Decrees and recommendations made by certain religious denominations' leaders in the name of religion are just that-- a human's take on the way things should be done. You may or may not agree with them, and I may not either-- heck- even God may not agree--but that also does not make the concept of God and his son less valid.

I am really curious- you said you were a devout Christian for many years--most people question life and God at some point or another- why did you reject him so vehemently, and with such venom that you have put so much time and energy into this website?

Feel free to email me; I am open to civil conversation.

Brooks B. NHfan@aol.com

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