Between the lines

I had never been a faithful churchgoer or a really religious person, but I had never seriously doubted the existence of God until I was tasked to write a paper on the history of the Church.

I was flabbergasted by what I found.

A few of the more troubling revelations are listed below:

Before the council of Nicae in the fourth century Christ was deemed a great man and an important prophet, but a man nonetheless. At the council of Nicae It was voted on(!) that the church should decry Jesus as the son of god to cement the church's position and to make the leader of the church unchallengeable. The church then proceded to destroy any religious opposition it could get its grimy little hands on. The lesson here is that the church was created by mere men with a political agenda. These men usurped the power of "god" for their own gain.

At the same council of Nicae the books of the bible were collected and assembled. Only a few dozen of the hundreds of gospels made it into the tome that we all know and laugh at. Roman Emperor Constantine,the leader of the council, and his cronies had to rewrite history to fit their political agenda. Therefore,The church preaches only fables they they made up themselves. And they tell us what is right and wrong.

I could spend the term of my natural life documenting and catologing the evils and lies spread by the church, and maybe I will. However, I will move on after listing some of the more obvious ones. Hopefully this might spawn some independent research.

The Inquisition
The Crusades
The sale of Ireland
The sex scandal

I move on to say that religion is the most destructive and divisive force known to the history of man. Without even looking into a history book, any one can see that 99% of today's violence is directly caused by religion. On the news I see Muslims killing Jews who int turn blow up muslims who incinerate christians. Buddhist monks light themselves on fire...

Wouldn't we be better off without religion?

a friend

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