Although we have come to different places

Dear Dave,

My name is Jason and I am a Youth Pastor. I read your testimony and must say that your honesty is refreshing. Although I disagree with your conclusions (so far) with agnosticism, I can respect your "throughing in the towel" on your christian religious jouney. I went to Bible college and am about to complete my masters in Theology and can understand your theological dismay, I too have vasilated back and forth between how I view scripture and election, thinking that my eternal salvation was at stake. My current status is that of a more Barthian view of scripture (seeing the Bible as more a witness to the Word of God) and of predestinarian universalism ( I see hell as redemptive rather than punitive). Although we have come to different places, I think we both are finally being honest with God (and/or ourselves). This is the place that I think God wants us, since I do believe that God is infinitely more interested in us rather than our behavior or theology. Although man looks at the outward, God looks at the heart and I think He has led you to this place for this season in your life. My intention here is not to "bring you back into the fold" but to encourage you to continue on your journey of honesty and tell you I understand. As a pastor I talk to people who constantly do and say the right things around me but I know they are not being honest. To me what you believe is something that comes from your gut rather than your mind or even your heart. I have finally come to a place in my spiritual jouney were if I am wrong "praise God", if I am not wrong "praise God" for "from Him and to Him and through Him are all things from now and forevermore. Amen!"

If you would like to respond to this email, I would enjoy discussing it with you, if not, have a great jouney of freedom. My email addresses is

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