Proof there is no GOD?

I noticed on your site that you could supposedly prove that there was not god. I didn't really notice that you had any evidence to support this. I also didn't notice that you had talked to any people who held PHD's in the feild or had a degree in archaology, or history. Anyway there is a book written by a law journalist who used to cover some of the most controversial cases to date. I suggest that before you say you have evidence that there is no god that you read this book with an open mind. It is called "the Case for Christ". I believe you need to look at both sides of a case before you can make a truly educated decision. Until you have looked at all the facts you should not spread your word as if it is the truth. Anyway I just wanted you to try reading the book berfore you make any harsh decisions.

Your Truly,
Autumn Girard

Thanks for your post. Perhaps you did not really read the article closely, but be that as it may, I think you must be referring to Lee Strobels Book - The Case for Christ, with which I am quite familiar.

In response to your admonition, I want to recommend to you that you read these articles written in response to Mr Strobel's work:

'The Case against The Case for Christ'
Review of Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ'
A review of Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Faith
Lee Strobel, "The Case for Christ". 1998 HarperCollins Publishing House. - A Critique
A Cross-Examination of Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ

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