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Yesterday, one of my daughter's friends had a terrible accident. Her husband called my daughter from the hospital. And here's what happened then:

My daughter and her husband called another friend to go pick up the couple's baby from the hospital. My daughter took off to a town about an hour away to pick up her friend's mother from the airport. Her husband went to be with the friend's husband at the hospital.

Today, my daughter made cookies and nut bread to take to the hospital for those who would be staying with the friend, then she and another friend took the young woman's nephews and baby to the park and then to her house so the adult family members could stay at the hospital without worrying about the kids.

This evening, she and the other friend are making lasagna and several other freezable meals to take to the family so that when they come home to rest, they will not have to worry about food. Her husband has been providing taxi service all day to and from the hospital for family member who flew in.

All these young people who are helping out this family are atheists.

My question to the Christians lurking on this site (especially those who say good works are not necessary, only true belief is necessary to be good Christians): if you or a family member were in an accident and in intensive care, how many congregations on their knees praying for you would it take to equal a few good people doing some practical things to help your family make it through the day?

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