Dear disillusioned:

A letter from Barbara
Perhaps in response to this testimonial? -- webmdave

I am sorry to know that you did not get to know the God of mankind as I have. Being a Agnostic or an athesist does not solve your problem for God is Lord of all and is a reality.

Should you choose to ignore God it will not cause God to disappear. I as a parent can understand why a man who is a pastor react to you becoming his son-in-law. I am indeed sorry that you are hurt by his reaction but one day you may feel what he felt when you came into his circle and "changed the atmosphere.

Man was born with a self-satisfying nature. It is a nature which seek to satisfy itself without regard for the creator's glorification. The Bible teaches that all glory belongs to God and that He, God, will not share His glory with another. Your wife is a disappointment to her parents because she did not stand up for what is considered the faith of her father.

Her reaction shows that she is not deeply rooted in God and as such she will be spued out of God's mouth. The Word declares: for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. When Adam sinned, mankind inheritted the "sin" genes and it is passed from father to child. God's covenant was with Adam - not Eve - so God imputed the sin through our fathers.

I think you should not close your mind - but should research diligently the scriptures for yourself and reason out the concepts. Yet, if the things of God are hidden from you, then sadly there is nothing anyone can do because not all of us are called to righteousness and just maybe you are one of those who was destined for hell like Judas - when the scripture said, none have I lost except the son of perdition.


Dedwin Hedon said...

Just in response to the last one, why would "Judas" be in "Hell"? Sure he "betrayed" the "Son of God", but wasn't that in God's "plan" all along? So that means that if you follow God's "plan" for the world, even if it is something that goes against the "character" of God, then you would still go to "hell" even though you were just following his instructions. Wow! Thanks for that. Now the Bible makes a lot more "sense".

florduh said...

How wonderful for you that you are one of the chosen.

If you value your religious fervor above everything else, I urge you to be careful about which parts of the Bible you study, and be even more circumspect in the questions you ask.

Eschew history and the sciences, for surely they will chip away at your faith.

Critical thinking is to be avoided at all cost, as the God of the Bible doesn't endorse such activity.

So enjoy your special understanding of the universe, and revel in the fact that you have the ear of God, and that He speaks to you personally.

Those of us who have been on our face begging the Almighty to come into our lives, only to eventually find after years of belief and hope that we were not chosen will just suffer out our miserable lives and the eternity of the Hell your Heavenly Father so thoughtfully provided for us.

mindfire said...

People like this are the occasional bit of fun but i thought this site was for those ex Christians who might need some support.A brainwashed babbler like this will not be swayed by any reasonable argument.Let him bow down and pay his ten percent to the church.Who cares.Their minds are lost.Look at who is elected these days.Lets take our ten percent and elect secular government officials.

Unknown said...

*scratches head*

Anonymous said...

Utterly condescending and arrogant bullshit.

Hey Barbara, try reading some non-fiction.

Anonymous said...


I will give you some information that will set you free:

God is not real, Jesus never existed, the Bible is fiction, Christianity is a hoax, and Christians are deluded.

You don't have to thank me.

PerryStL said...

Dear deluded:

I'm sorry that you continue to believe in fairy tales and I'm angry that you feel compelled to push your fantasies on others.

Let me be blunt: There is no god. There are no streets of gold nor are the lakes of fire. The Bible, Qur'an and Dianetics are all books of lies.

You suggest that we open our minds to your fables, I ask that you explore reality.

Free Thinker said...

isn't it amazing how a Fundy can rattle on like Barbara did and there is not one shred of evidence to back up even one word....Christians sure are a sorry lot...all a mind washing cult.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that Frosty The Snowman was real too, just like you believe that this god exists.
If I was born with this self-satisfying nature, that only tells me that the CREATOR, if he exists CREATED me like that. And while we are on the subject of creating, I guess he also "created" everything, like the screams of a woman as she is being raped, or the sounds of a child in pain due to an illness the he/she was born with, or the sound of my ball sack hitting my wife's perenium as I make love to her....
The buybull also teaches to beat our kids with a rod, and if a woman doesn't scream while she's being raped that it is her own damn fault. It also teaches hate, as well as love too. It also teaches that there are talking asses and bears that kill children just for making fun of a bald man. It teaches to celebrate a brutal killing of a "man" and that his blood washes away our sins. Should I continue???
So when Adam sinned, which he didn't really know what sin was or what death was, your god punished his children's childrens childrens for generations and, your god does sound caring and forgiving...
And as for the last part of your comment, your god made alot of people knowing that they would go to hell anyway. wow that sounds like he is mercyful too...
So if there's nothing that you or god can do, then please leave me alone and let me go to hell and party with hot chicks, the rolling stones, the eagles, iron maiden and the chilli peppers instead of trying to get me to go to heaven and have to listen to karen carpenter for an eternity...(nothing against you Karen sweetheart...)

boomSLANG said...

Barbara...I am sorry to know that you did not get to know the God of mankind as I have.

We are equally sorry that you will waste the one and only life that you know you have, self-deluding yourself with falsehoods...i.e..bullshit.

Barbara...Being a Agnostic or an athesist does not solve your problem...

My "problem" is that it's the year 2008, and I have to share the planet with grown adults who believe in flying cadavers, evil snakes, smoldering shrubs, and Middle-Eastern asses....all of which speak Hebrew.

Barbara......for God is Lord of all and is a reality.

- For Odin is Lord of all, and is a reality.

- Peter Pumpkin Eater had a wife and couldn't keep 'er. He stuck 'er in a pumpkin shell, and kept 'er there.

- There was an Old Lady who lived in a shoe.

Unimpressed? Good, because this is precisely how your blatherings about "Lords" and "Gods" come across to me/us.

Barbara...Should you choose to ignore God it will not cause God to disappear.

Should you choose to ignore reality, it will not cause reality to disappear.

Barb, dear, just as you didn't exist before you were born, you will cease to exist when you expire. If you can get over that major hurdle, you can retire your nonsensical, superstitious, "security blanket" to the clothes hamper for good.(if you are a Christian lurking in the shadows, this applies to you as well)

~ May reason smash you on the head, like an anvil on the Coyote.

Steven Bently said...

Dear disillusioned Barbara,

What we now know in 2008 (21st Century)

We now know from the invention of the microscope, that diseases are caused by germs, bacteria and viruses, and not caused by demon possession and evil spirits or witch spells.

We now know that prayer is self-deception and has no effect on any illness or any object or thing.

We now know through medical research, that the heart is not the storage center of all thought and emotions, it does not have a door, nor does the heart get hard or wax cold, the brain is the center of all thought and emotions, the word (brain) is not anywhere in the bible, why did not the bible god know about the brain?

We now know that lightning bolts are not the result of being thrown from an angry god.

We now know that thunder is not the sound coming from an angry god, it is the sound from the explosion of lightning.

We now know that rainbows are caused by the prism effect seen by light rays being reflected in water droplets, and not caused by a promise from a god not to flood the earth. Rainbows are not seen by every person on earth right after a rain.

We now know that the earth is not flat.

We now know that the Sun does not revolve around the earth.

We now know that the earth is not in the center of the universe.

We now know that a person cannot live three days in the belly of a whale.

We now know that virgin birth is not possible.

We now know that snakes and donkeys cannot talk.

We now know that the Bible is a book full of foolish lies written by superstitious and ignorant goat and sheep herders.

Astreja said...

Barbara: "Man was born with a self-satisfying nature."

This is how it should be, Barbara. It is a survival-friendly adaptation to a world that can sometimes be very hostile to life.

"It is a nature which seek to satisfy itself without regard for the creator's glorification."

Again, this is exactly as it should be, as there is no credible evidence for this "creator" you speak of.

"The Bible teaches that all glory belongs to God..."

What the Bible "teaches" is irrelevant, because it is a critically flawed work of ancient historical fiction. If I'm going to live My life by following the teachings of a work of fiction, I'd much rather it be Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or perhaps the Foundation Trilogy by Asimov. Because they make a hell of a lot more sense than the Bible.

"When Adam sinned, mankind inheritted the "sin" genes..."

Please give the exact location of the alleles you speak of. And no bullshitting -- I, Myself, am not a geneticist; but My brother, who *is*, is just an e-mail away.

"and it is passed from father to child."

Via the father? Ah, that's convenient: It obviously travels on the Y chromosome.

I'm female. Therefore, by your reasoning, I am incapable of sin.


Telmi said...


It just shows how ignorant you are of your God.

You have not read the Bible, presumably.

If you have, you would have no hesitation in labeling the Bible God as a cruel, insane, genocidal maniac. Here's a challenge for you - read or re-read the Bible and don't stop until you have finished, say, the first five books. That would give you a broad picture of the God you have been worshipping. And be honest with your evaluation.

Anonymous said...

The Bible teaches that all glory belongs to God and that He, God, will not share His glory with another.

What an egocentric bastard that God! Didn't His mom teach him to share?

sconnor said...

Awwww, that's nice, they finally let Barbara use the computer, at the mental hospital, during free time.


Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, glory god, blah, blah, Word, blah, Adam Eve, blah, blah, scriptures, blah, blah, and blah. I put more stock in the barking of my dog than in endless Xian drivle. Can't these people HEAR themselves? If I began talking that way about anything, I'd have to step back and wonder what the hell was wrong with me!

Anonymous said...

Okay let say you design a car and you know eventually that the brakes will fail you. but instead of blameing your self for being horrible creator you get pissed and take a bat to every car that you made for all eternity ( excluding the ones that take a bat to them selves for you praise jesus ) now does it make any since I drink some times because I like wiskey I also spend time with my son and take time to show love to my wife I also masterbate I enjoy that to so i guess to be in gods kingdom we can never have any self gratification we always are slaves to some one else. why for who and for what what makes one decision any worse than another. If I say I love you or fuck you who cares. But I'll tell you this if god is real send me to hell because your god is one sick fucked up son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Ps god if your listening kiss my ass

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that there's no whiskey in heaven and your arms are too short to reach Mr. Happy? Wo! What a terrible place! At least there's a bar in hell, "Scotch on the rocks, extra ice please." Kool!

bb said...


Take a minute and read your post out loud. Really loud. Scream it at the top of your lungs. Do this five times.

Then, come back and tell us if you actually understood your bewildering godspeak.

Maria said...
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ExFundie said...

You are the worst kind of delusional. Do any original thoughts exist in your simple-minded religious world?
If you choose to be blissfully ignorant of the reality of the world around you that is fine, but please keep that shit to yourself. Pass it around your circle of church-going, brainwashed, simple minded sheep followers. My goodness! How can a sane reasonable person respond to such shallow dribble? When will our species evolve beyond the apparent need to embrace mythology so wholeheartedly?

Maria said...

Barbara wrote:
"...she is not deeply rooted in God and as such she will be spued out of God's mouth."

That reminds me that one of the gods of the bible is the volcano god.

Barbara wrote:
"Your wife is a disappointment to her parents because she did not stand up for what is considered the faith of her father."

She did the right thing. Why did she have to stand up for a bunch of superstitions?

Stephen_Richard_Webb said...

The wise boomslang says:
~ May reason smash you on the head, like an anvil on the Coyote

Man, I gotta put that ona tee shirt. Good stuff.

Heretic Zero said...

Man has not fallen from grace: Otherwise prove the story of the talking snake giving fruit to a little girl in a magical garden. Jesus fiction is a spin-off of this story. Fiction begats fiction.

Man needs no redemption from himself, although christians need a shrink for their delusional thinking.

WhateverLolaWants said...


Your post shows no real love for JP and his wife, only a clinging to doctrine. You may think you're loving them by telling them this, but ask yourself this: why do you need God to make you love everyone? Wouldn't that love be more genuine if you just loved everyone, regardless of what some deity made you think you needed to do? What if JP's wife was your own child- why would your devotion to a deity get in the way of your love and joy for your child, who has found someone they love so much they married?

What if a Muslim came up and rebuked you, as you have rebuked JP here? Wouldn't they sound silly? Wouldn't you think, "Their rules have no bearing on me? Why would parents be so cruel to their daughter for not following their strict religious rules? Their Allah doesn't even exist, anyway." Well, perhaps then you can see how your scolding and your mindset sounds to us.

There's a good chance you've never given a second thought to whether Allah, or Odin, or Zeus, or any other gods exist, right? You hear those religions' claims and they sound silly. You probably dismiss them quickly. You, essentially, are an atheist towards their gods. Well, I've just gone one more god further than you, by also deciding (really, realizing) that the Christian god isn't real either. That mindset that you have when you look at other religions is the same I use now when I look at Christianity- and I was brought up in it and was a committed follower during my childhood and teen years!

Barbara, I find a lot of logical inconsistencies about your statement that God would make people destined for hell, but other commenters have noted that, so I won't delve too deeply there. Just ask yourself: if you had the opportunity to create someone, but knew they would be destined to an eternity of extreme torture and torment- and try to imagine just what that would be like!- would you create them? What if you DECIDED that would be their fate, and you made them anyway? Isn't that extremely cruel and sadistic? Yet you've just attributed that action to your god. Don't say that "God's ways are mysterious" or "we can't presume to understand God's plan" or "God is always good, even when it doesn't seem that way to us." That skirts the issue and makes no sense. You have used your human moral compass to decide (or accept) that God is good and his actions are good; why pretend that suddenly that compass is no good when you don't understand or an action seems cruel to human standards? Either use your human moral compass consistently, or don't ever use it at all.

Barbara, I welcome you to read many more posts on this site (if you return here at all- we get a lot of hit-and-runs.) I only ask that you refrain from commenting for at least a week- this is our site and I think our words deserve to be considered. Be quick to listen and slow to respond- it's a nice courtesy. Enjoy!

ExFundie said...

I liked whateverlolawants' comment. Although I have heard the reasoning many times, I often forget that some people (Barbara) need to be given the explanation. It is a good rerminder to me that I should focus on educating religious people with the ever growing pieces of information that forced me to see reason, and not just slam them for their delusional thinking.

Rob Barnes said...

Cognitive dissonance is a terrible thing if not monitored. Barbara wants to believe in Christianity so badly that no amount of evidence
would pursuade. She is genuinely mentally ill.

Kyan said...

Just because you believe something exists does not mean it does.

FreshThinking said...

"... she will be spued out of God's mouth."

Beautiful words Barbara. Tell me, is that some kind of tough love? Or just being pretty sick?

Maria said...

Yahweh, the volcano god is jealous and vengeful, it/he will spit her out of its/his mouth in a violent eruption.


The proof that your god is a volcano, is in your beloved holy bible. I'll give you some hints:

Exodus 19:16-18

Exodus 20:18,19

Exodus 24:15-17

Numbers 11:1-3

Deuteronomy 4:11,12,24,36

Deuteronomy 5:22-25

2 Samuel 22:8

Psalms 18:7-15

Isaiah 34:8-10

Micah 1:4

Nahum 1:5

Hebrews 12:29

Some of my favorite ones are:

Numbers 11:1 Now the people became like those who complain of adversity in the hearing of the lord; and when the lord heard it, his anger was kindled, and the fire of the lord burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp.

Psalm 18:8 Smoke went up out of his nostrils, and fire from his mouth devoured; coals were kindled by it.

Exodus 24:17 And the sight of the glory of the lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel.

As Steven Bentley just said on his reply What we now know in 2008 (21st Century): "We now know that the Bible is a book full of foolish lies written by superstitious and ignorant goat and sheep herders."

Anonymous said...

This entire thing is asinine. You don't need to "ignore" something that doesn't exist. There is no omnipotent being that created us. Your god is one of hundreds of thousands throughout history. Stop wasting your life, and stop attempting to convince us to waste ours. It isn't gonna happen.

Jeff Eyges said...

When Adam sinned, mankind inheritted the "sin" genes

Sin genes, eh? Intriguing concept. Tell us, Barbara - is sin a dominant or recessive? Is it found on the X or Y chromosome - of which you presumably have one too many?

Now that I think of it, it must be dominant, as, apparently, we are all suffering from it.

just maybe you are one of those who was destined for hell

Like you were destined for the trailer park?

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