Your Website is a disgrace to mankind


I was reading your website and saw how rude your behaviour and attitude is towards christianity. You have no right to speak about GOD and the world he has created.

You people dont have a life so u mess around with christians.


U have no idea of wats gona happen to you.

this website of urs is going to be taken away from you

And a legal action is going to be taken for the creator of this website.

Three points to remember:

Get a life

Get a life and Get a life

U all ARE COMPLETE RETARDs and always wiil be




Anonymous said...

This reads like an atheist pretending to be a xtian nut job.

SpaceMonk said...

"...a legal action is going to be taken..."

hmm, publicity.

Anonymous said...

Kinda agree with anonymous. Still, I was run down by a car last month, and until some concerned passers by managed to get me off of a very hot street people were pulling around just missing me, and a few had their windows rolled down to shout at me. I was, in fact, hit again which caused some more injury.

I mention this because of who helped me and who didn't. Most of the cars that went blasting by had some kind of religeous or conservative value sticker or a jesus fish. The one that got me again had a WWJD thing on it. The people who actually helped me were two rather scruffy and mean looking motorcyclists and some goth looking teenagers.

Anonymous said...


Boy, am I glad I logged in this AM. You've changed my mind about everything I was thinking. Thanks for the warning. You have single-handedly rescued my soul from the flames with your convincing logic.

jimearl said...


Look in the mirror and repeat three or more times: "I need a life, I need a life, I need a life." It won't help much because it's apparent what you need is a working brain. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

I am complete retard?

J. C. Samuelson said...

"And a legal action is going to be taken for the creator of this website."

In the words of Jim Carrey, allllrighty then! Joseph, keep up the good work representing your faith.

The day that legal action can be taken against those who criticize Christianity is the day America dies.

Oh, almost forgot...

"You have no right to speak about GOD and the world he has created."

See here.

P.S. Don't worry you'll be better soon. Your doctor says he's upping your meds.

Roger O'Donnell said...

I agree with anonymous....

BTW Sarge,

The point of The Parable of the Good Samaritan is that you'll most likely get help from godless outcasts than the faithful. Nice to hear that the faithful stick to the idea so 'religiously' (pardon the pun)

Love and kisses

Grandpa Harley

Avie said...

So many places I could go with this...but I'll behave and stop after making a few points:

1) We don't have a life? We're not the ones going around to websites we don't agree with and harrassing people! You really should stop projecting your hopeless state onto the rest of us!

2) We don't mess around with christians; it's the other way around. Why can't you people get the message? Leave us alone and accept that we don't believe in your almighty psychopath and we'll leave you alone and accept that you do believe in him. Why is this concept so hard for you?

3) We're retarded? At least we know how to spell the word "you". (Yes, it may sound like the letter "u" but, trust me, it isn't written that way.) What did you score on your last IQ test? 60? Or am I being too generous by overestimating your mental faculties?

4) Legal action's going to be taken against the webmaster for daring to have a website that disagrees with ancient goat herders?! You're really reaching now.

5) Seeing as how you're obviously in the beginning stages of overcoming illiteracy and still suffering rampant stupidity, I don't know how you'd even get a hold of a lawyer. You have to know how to read a phone book to do that.

6) It's really none of my business, but I just can't help it; I'm so curious I'll just go ahead and ask. Are you inbred? No, no, don't be ashamed. Lots of Bible-thumping fundies are, you know.

7) Thanks for reminding me why I left in the first place. I sincerely do appreciate it!

Steven Bently said...

So you don't believe in freedom of speech, unless it's praising your imaginary friends.

Basically you have no idea that you are a brainwashed fool, the only place where a god and jesus exists is in a BOOK!

Does a book with pages in it written by men is that all the proof that you need in your mind to qualify for yourself that it is true????

What would make you come on here threatening us and this website because you have been convinced that your belief is the true one?

You sound like a Muslim, why don't you rent a plane and fly it into Mt. Rushmore, all those people were atheists probally, make a true christian statement.

Where did you hear about god and jesus, who told you they were real?

It's only a childhood belief and you are stupid enough to still believe such foolishness.

Want to see jesus? Go jump off a cliff!!!

Anonymous said...

Why does having a belief make one feel religiously superior over others??

Do you think your mom and dad said before you were born and had sex and said; "We will have a son and he will believe in god and jesus and he will feel superior above other humans?"

Is this all you're about??

Joseph your ignorance abounds this page!!!

Shannon said...

Hey if you're looking for something warm, fuzzy, and rolled in love of you god, how about you go hang with Mr. Phelps and Mr. Robinson.

Really, Joseph, is this the first time that you’ve seen your god besmirched? If so, then you’ve been retarded, not the folks on this site. There is a whole world out there and it has nothing to do with your god or any god for that matter. You, sir, need to get not just a life but an education.

Anonymous said...

Probably just a troll. But, if not, his entire post would make a great submission for, the "Fundies Say the Darndest Things" website. Such comic relief should be shared.

dead__fish said...

Reminds me of an old saying: It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you are an ignorant fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.
Joseph, your emotional outburst, with misspellings, silly threats, and bad grammer has strengthened my belief that I did the right thing by climbing out of that bucket of slime we call christianity and all of it's ignorant and dangerous people.
Thank you! My faith in my own brain is re-established and renewed, daily, by such attitudes as yours!
Your purpose here has been served! Now go fourth and spew your christian, brotherly love all around the net! I'm sure you will be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a whore for jesus!!!

Warin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Joseph

Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're a butthead.

PS: Hope you get that high school diploma some day.

Warin said...

I respect and understand why you are so upset, but you have no right to insult us for our beliefs or lack thereof. Try to understand where we are coming from. I don't see the point of this website being to destroy religion, but help those who have already lost faith deal with it. To help them understand that they're not alone. To read about other peoples experience with such things.

But there are those who wish to destroy religion, but if you're trying to bring people back to God, try compassion, not insults like "get a life" or "retard"

I mean no disrespect, but that attitude is why many turn away from religion in the first place.

I always try to be understanding of others and their views, but your insulting outburts and legal threats here were uncalled for.

If you want to "save" people, please look for people who want saving.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

THIS site a disgrace to mankind?

How about Christianity?
The Crusades
Spanish Inquisition
Northern Ireland Conflict

Millions of deaths at the hands of "Good Christians" whose only effective method of building a greater majority in this world is to kill off innocent Non-Christians.

And if you think legal action is going to get you anywhere, you would be hard pressed to find a judge who won't laugh his ass off and clue-by-four you with a copy of the Bill of Rights. This nation is founded on freedoms, which includes freedom of dissent. And if you feel your cause can't handle any dissent, then I would say your cause is a very weak one.

Anonymous said...

There's God's love at work for you.

Nice of you to show what it means to being a loving follower of God.

Kelsie said...

Isn't it amazing, the myth of Christian tolerance? So much for Jesus loving "everybody"...he just loves the mindless people who scream his name the loudest. The first comment says the post sounds more like an atheist pretending to be a Christian, but I have to disagree: it sounds exactly like a Christian - stupid, ignorant, totally incapable of communicating his "truth" without being inflammatory (and severely incorrect, grammatically). Thanks, Joseph, for reaffirming the rightness of my choice to leave your funny faith.

tigg13 said...

Hey, all of you other christian trolls! Especially the ones who are always telling us not to judge all christians by the stupidity of a few!

How come you guys aren't bashing Joseph for making you all look like rabid, unthinking theo-nazis?

Look folks, until you guys get rid of ranting idiots like Joe, you are never going to be credible.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Anonymous.

BTW Sarge, Your story reminds me of when I was a teenager and a bunch of us who looked like hoodlums, were out cruising around in our cars one night. We came across an elderly couple with a flat tire in a desolate area. They were scared to death of us. After we fixed their tire and refused their offer of money, they had a slightly different view of us.

Steven Bently said...

Do you think at the exact moment of insemination and release of your father's sperm into your mother's womb, that your father was thinking about "JESUS"????

Do you think that is your only purpose in life is to yell and worship Jesus????

Is this all you have? Is that all the mental fortitude you can muster??? A stinking fairytale belief????

Joseph you are a disgrace and an insult to the human species!!!

Are you sure your real name is not GWBush???

Anonymous said...

I don't know how else to say this but, "Go fuck yourself and take your invisible friend and his flying ghost with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Joseph was asked: "Do you think at the exact moment of insemination and release of your father's sperm into your mother's womb, that your father was thinking about "JESUS"????"

Hey, wait a minute---did't you really mean to ask if he thinks that at the exact moment the release of his BROTHER's sperm into their momma's womb, that they were thinking about a retarded baby(?)

Anonymous said...

You're the reason there is hate in the world, you're the reason there are wars in the world, you're the reason we have brain-dead people strapping bombs to themselves---all in the name of god. Please take medications for your paranoid schizophrenic behavior...please!

But, most importantly your vitriol post followed by a "weloveyou" email address is the reason people leave religion...keep it up, hypocrite.

Joseph said we are all retards and dumb people, but you Joseph, you believe the characters in mythology and fables are real.

Hey Joseph, I had a conversation with a bush, a snake and a donkey in my you believe me? You believe a person lived inside of a whale for 3 days and 3 nights, but we are all retards, right, Joseph?

Please see a doctor about your condition.

Btw, your email trailer and address are wrong. It should be:

Gods are imaginary and man made


Anonymous said...

Why are no Christians posting to apologize?

Meanwhile, folks: We may be slightly irritated - try to imagine how this protohuman felt after he had read part of this site. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that upsets troglodytes like Joseph more than atheists having a good time exercising their right of free speech. :)

Of course, maybe I am being unfair. Maybe he isn´t actually a Homo Heidelbergensis - maybe he is actually only 13 years old and profoundly shaken - and with tears in his eyes, his tiny fists trembling with rage, rammed his furious answer on his big brother´s semen-encrusted keyboard.

I mean, threatening a site on the Internet with legal action based on the fact that we freely exchange our thoughts on religion indicates a child´s view of the American justice system.

Some of these poor schlubs are raised to love Jesus like he really is their crippled little brother who needs to be protected from the mean bullies who might make fun of him (that would be us).

But nobody is forcing them to come here. They simply have no right to complain. No right at all.

Ian said...

Joseph, you might want to type in "You" instead of "U" if you want to give the apperance that you are not a high school teenager who is used to text messaging on his or her cell phone.

The reason we appear to be angry and rude to christianity is because many of us are ex-christians (myself included) and we have been damaged, so to speak, by the religion's doctrines and beliefs. It is only natural for those who have been hurt and harmed to want to lash back at what hurt them. Christianity is no different. We don't like the faith, we have in a way been harmed by it, and we wish to strike back.

We have lives. I work at a library, I write, I have friends, I enjoy my life. We might look at christians who spend their time praising God and evangelicalizing and say "Get a life" If this is the only life you have and there is no God, don't you think you might be wasting your time by praying to a non-existant diety who doesn't care about you? We would encourage you to live your life fully without trying to please an egotistical god who wants to be worshipped and who will damn 9/10th of the world's population to everlasting torture simply because they diddn't accept his son (but don't forget that his son is also him...or something like that). And what do those who are saved get? They get to praise God forever. So in other words, everyone's screwed.

We are not retards. Well, some might be, but there are always those who's mental abilities are substantially less then others. You may find that many people here know the bible more fully then "true believers" do.

We do have a right to speak against bible-god and the world he created. If God is perfect, then he certianlly wouldn't mind us exploring and using our minds to come to logical conclusions in the fields of science, faith, dogma, and theology. We have the right to question, to think, analyze and theorize. Neither you, nor any God, has the right to take that from us.

If legal action is going to be taken against those who speak their minds and say what they believe and think...then this is a sad world indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joseph!
I will now proceed to mock your stupid illiterate tirade...


I was reading your dumbass comment and saw how fucking ignorant your behavior and attitude is towards people infinitely smarter than you. You have no knowledge of grammar, punctuation, or how to form basic sentences.

You don't have a life, so you suck big time buddy.

Just GO AND GET AN EDUCATION and while your at it, grow some hair on your nuts, and then come back and get slapped around again like the little bitch you are.

U have no idea how incredibly stupid you make your "god" look.

Three points for you to remember:
Grow some hair on your nuts
Go fuck yourself
Then go fuck yourself

U are a COMPLETE ASSMUNCHER and always will be



Steven Bently said...

So we're supposed to be like you, a mindless wondering baffoon!

So if we decide not to believe the story about a god inseminating a virgin girl and then has himself killed so that souls will be saved, then "we" and not "you," are going to hell..huh? Is that what you're trying to say????

So a person is judged by what they allow themselves to pretend to believe while living a short time on Earth..huh????

Is that what you're trying to tell us???

Can a real live human being with a functioning brain be that fucking crazy????

Anonymous said...

Oh I see you're going to use the power of prayer to close this website down! Ok, We'll help you!!!

Dear Jesus please close this website down, we all know how the miraculous power of prayer works, since you've not answered one single prayer in the 2000 years since your inception, let this be the one prayer of all prayers to be answered by you, just to let us all know you're real and that we will return to be Real Christians just like Joseph.

If you have any questions Jesus, we can be reached at:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Joseph:

I find it ironic that you would pass judgement on the intelligence
level of the people who use this website. This is a website of
intelligent and reasoning people
who recognize superstition and
intolerance for what it is..organized religion. If you want to be a babbling, brainwashed by the church zombie all your life, parroting the same old
tired cliches and Bible verses all of us have heard a million times,
go right ahead. Perhaps you are
jealous because we enjoy the freedom you don't have the guts
to find?

Piprus said...

I don't think this is a serious post. Nobody could be that stupid. Ah well, come to think of it, whenever I've said that there was usually someone who came along and proved me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, we can only hope, that your neural sterility extends to your testes.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later Christains just can't keep themselves from reverting to type. Or is that perverting to type?

muttmutt1978 said...

christians think they own the world. hey Joseph i have two words for you religious discrimination, i happen to be a Pagan, maybe not the same kind they burned at the witchtrials, but i still fall under that category, if anything needs destroying its you Joseph and your heartless soul.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those Christian trolls to whom you referred, and I'm ashamed that the poster of the attack is one of us. Actually, he isn't, because he forgot that he is expected to love his enemies, and bless those that curse him. He is asked to offer the other cheek when one is slapped. But he exhibited none of this, just terrible grammar.

To top it all off, after his insults and silliness, he posted an e-mail address that says that he loves us, and so does God. "You're all a bunch of idiots, and I hate you, but I'll pray for you, because I love you."

Steven Bently said...

John, just how much proof would it take to make you see just what and idiot you and all christians are?

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, I just can't resist.)


A thing you drink out of.

"I was reading your website and saw how rude your behaviour and attitude is towards christianity."

You read this yourself? Wow!

"You have no right to speak about GOD and the world he has created."

Sure we do. Your god gave us that right when he gave us free will.

"You people dont have a life so u mess around with christians."

Oh I don't know. I'm pretty sure I'd still mess around with christians even if I had a life.


"U have no idea of wats gona happen to you."

"this website of urs is going to be taken away from you"

Can't spell "you", "don't", "what's", "going to" or "yours" but got "christianity" right on the first try. (Isn't home schooling great!)

"And a legal action is going to be taken for the creator of this website."

Whew! For a moment there I was afraid legal action might be taken AGAINST our beloved webmaster. Nice to know you're on his side.

"Three points to remember:"

"Get a life"

"Get a life and Get a life"

Ok, ADD or alzheimers - which is it?

"U all ARE COMPLETE RETARDs and always wiil be"

And you would be an incomplete retard, I take it.


-And his technicolor bathrobe!


(not an actual website)

Anonymous said...

I thought Joseph's post was kind of funny.Sounded like a little kid,with a temper tantrum.Much like
the god he worships.Threats from a
crazy christian,oh my gosh.Writes like
Jed,Jethro,of the beverly hillbillies.Must be related to someone like them.Loved reading many of the comments relating to his post.From an ex catholic,now atheist.Nice website.

Anonymous said...


First of all there is a thing called Freedom of Speech in this country, therefore nothing legal can be done to take down this site.

If people want to bash Christianity they have the right to do so. So there's nothing you can do about it. I know that probably just ruined your day.

On a final note, you need to start getting permission from your parents before you get on the internet. They probably wouldn't like the idea of their 12 year old child being on the internet without their permission.

Anonymous said...

As a christian, not only do I praise Jesus as Lord, but I praise Jesus for the teachings he taught me through his Word. Two of those teachings is to treat others the same way you expect to be treated and love thy neighbor. Sorry Joseph, but I have to agree with the ex-christians on the fact that your comment was very rude and threatening. That was not Christ-like of you. I am sorry Joseph has represented Christianity in a negative manner to this site. Please except my apology on behalf of Christians everywhere.

God Bless You All,

Amazing Christ

Anonymous said...

Amazing Christ said: "As a christian, not only do I praise Jesus as Lord, but I praise Jesus for the teachings he taught me through his Word. Two of those teachings is to treat others the same way you expect to be treated and love thy neighbor."

That's very lovely, but not everyone needs guidance in the common curtiousy/common sense area. I find it "amazing" that you would need to read from a hand-book to realize those two very basic social skills. 'Pretty scary.

Amazing Christ said: "Sorry Joseph, but I have to agree with the ex-christians on the fact that your comment was very rude and threatening. That was not Christ-like of you."

Thus far, Joseph has been non-existant. He'hasn't "shown his face"; hasn't defended his "claim". He's invisible. Hmmm, sound's pretty "Christ-like" to me.

"Please except my apology on behalf of Christians everywhere. God Bless You All, Amazing Christ."

The words "God Bless you" have no referant in reality. You may as well sacrifice a goat on our behalf

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Christ:

It's nice how you apologized for Joseph. Do you plan on apologizing for God at the end of time, when He destroys everybody who spoke against Him, when He rids the universe, finally, of all opposing opinions?

I agree with boomSLANG though. I suspect Joseph is a figment of somebody's imagination, just like God. I wouldn't want to be dogmatic about it though. Either of them could appear momentarily.

Anonymous said...

I also apologize for God being like Hitler that is if I were a Christian. BoomSlang I was just playing around on this site and I don't need a pamphlet on life, a hand book, or a self help book to realize the Bible is full of fucking bullshit.

God Bless You All,

Amazing Christ

Anonymous said...

Jesus Crust!....Amazing philosophies!


Sean Chan said...

do u mean 'retard' in terms of unreasonable hacks?

ill ask u
have u ever critically thought about the imapcts of christinanity on humans?
have u ever critically thought about the concept of religion before?
have you even saw the empirical data that actually supports christianity?
have you thought about people like nostradamus who had made up vague lines, so as to leave such statements to the interpretaions of individuals?

Instead of generalizing, stereotyping, and even more so appealing to your own lack of intellect, I hope you critically analyze christianity, and that you look at all the evidence of both sides, evolutionand creationism.
ill tell you

evolution is nothing but logical.
creationismis rigid, and intellectual doubt is denounced at any turn of being doubtful. Creationism is no science, no truth, nothing but a document created for the purposes of creating values atwhich for people to follow. it was never intended to be a true historical account.

if u were intelligent, you would go through a critical thinking process and realize the fallacies religion makes to accomadate for mistakes that it has deperately attempted to maintain.

Anonymous said...

" This reads like an atheist pretending to be a xtian nut job."

This "Joseph" is neither. He's a muzz. The use of "u" for "you", "ur" for "you're" is typical of Malaysian Muslims.

Joseph: "You have no right to speak about GOD and the world he has created."

This is an Islamic idea straight from the Koran. I can't recall the last time I ever heard a Christian say something like that, or post it. Christians have been speaking about God and the world since the days of Augustine.


"Allahu Akbar" is usually how they say that.

Anonymous said...

Partner, I will say what I want when I want too. If you do not like what is being said guess what and this may be hard for you but DO NOT COME TO THESE WEB SITES. I myself do not go and try to debate you on your web sites. I think if you want to love god and do your thing hey go for it but respect us enough to let us do our thing and we will all get along just fine.

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