What if I am right and you were wrong

Did you know that evolutions's Proofs are rapidly vanishing? The more we learn, the more it points to God the creatior of the universe.

You say you don't in God, but what if there is a God and you have to stand before him some day. What if I am right and you were wrong. What if there is a real hell?

What if I were to burn you house down with you in it, would you try to excape or stand there like an itiot? I am sure you would try to excapt. Hell is real so why do you not want to excape it.

The bible says that we are ever learning, but never come to the knowledge of the truth. Are you so smart you can't see the truth. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.



Luci said...

So what ur saying is that either we worship and acknowledge god or go to hell?
So you're admitting that ur god is a sick, twisted thing.
There are serial killers out there who will make you their next victim if you walk down a dark alley. As long as we choose not to walk down the dark alley we will be ok. Does that mean what the serial killer does is ok and perhaps we should worship them too.


Luci said...

Another thing..there are not only 2 options..evolution or gods creation.
i could come up with millions of theories.
The best "proof" you morons come up with is that the world is beautiful and complex so there must be some sicko powerful being who created everything.
thats like saying 1 + 1 = 5
It makes no sense.
How the hell is that proof.
All it means is that we dont have the answers for everything. Science can t answer everything and isnt consistent. Just because science is ruled out sometimes doesnt mean there is only one other option.
Humans in general cant handle mystery. they have to have an anser and explanation for everything. We are so arrogant we think we can explain everything away when in fact the "knowledge" that we have is just what our humble brains infer as being the truth.
Science can be just as bad as religion sometimes. the big bang is just as much a cop out as god.
At least science tries to discover facts and logic. God is just based on blind faith.

Anonymous said...

You say that "evolution's proofs are rapidly vanishing" explain yourself. what you have said there is "evolution is wrong" i say why and the only answer is can see there is "because". I have not seen any proof that there is a god, and if there is, he is so drunk he can't see 2 feet infront of his (or her for that matter) face. However the proof of evolution keeps piling on, see yourself as an example, it's quite clear that your arguement was constructed by a monkey...Stop trying to save my soul and think about the suffering your actions as a "christian" and the actions of the church that acts on your behalf causes.

Anonymous said...

ah, good points, good points. but it really all boils down to a "what if I'M right and YOU'RE wrong?"

then you've wasted a lifetime worshipping your nonexistant god and i've lived mine to the fullest, believing in whatever i may have chosen over false dieties.

why would such a generous god who loves all of his children condemn us to hell just because we didn't decide to believe in him? answer: i don't know. there's so much proof that he's not real nowadays that it's almost impossible to believe. there's evolution (which has evidence that, i can assure you, is NOT rapidly diminishing,) there's
killers, people living on the streets, innocent civilians with deadly diseases, etc. why would a god who loves his children do that?

and that's the honest truth, it really is.

you just have to accept that you can't change someone else's beliefs. see, i don't think that my mediocre comment will make you an atheist, so you can't expect your message to make me believe. it's a beautiful world, so why don't you step outside and smell the flowers? a couple of people with different beliefs shouldn't bring you down, especially if you're such a devout, accepting CHRISTIAN.

and remember, if there is a god, then it would certainly be HIS job to send atheists into eternal damnation, NOT YOURS.

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