No Jesus for You!!


You have to read this article. You may want to link it to the website.

The First Holy Communion made by 8-year-old Haley Waldman in April
is considered invalid in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church since the
Holy Eucharist she received did not contain any wheat.

HA HA! No wheat in the wafer means "No Jesus for You!!"

Catholics says the hosts must contain some wheat, which contains gluten..
Haley is allergic to wheat - so no Jesus for her?
Guess who made her allergic to wheat? God did that.

And since He made her allergic to your communion wafer - no Jesus for her?
What's wrong with you that you can't see that?

Question: Is her family's money still welcome in your collection basket?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for those not allergic to wheat, eating the wafer doesn't get you any closer to a dead carpenter's son from 2000 years ago.

kill your god, kill your tv.

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